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10 easy ideas for dressing your window cills

Take your interior design to a new level by dressing your window cills to impress! Decorating your windows with these creative ideas will give your home a look that no one else will have. Get inspired and get your cills looking photoshoot ready…

1. Set the scene with a natural arrangement

Changing your interiors to match the season is something that everyone can easily do to keep their homes looking fresh and up to date. Dress a sunny spot on your window cill with burnt-orange petals and produce from the garden that matches their pretty hues. Layer these with a few rustic staples like a church candle or watering can to bring an autumnal romance to your home. 

2. Think outside the box… 

Just because you have a longer window doesn’t mean you have to place ornaments in the middle. It’s easy to create a small arrangement to one side, adding fresh interest without overdoing it. A bold clock and glass lanterns give this kitchen a subtle look.

3. It’s OK to stray… 

Sometimes a bit of creative thinking and a sympathetic approach are key to a successful window cill. This arrangement reflects an artistic edge, with pastel colours and fun accessories. Don’t restrict yourself to the window cill itself – straying onto nearby surfaces can give you more space to work with, allowing more room for creativity. 

4. Smaller ornaments let the windows do all the talking

Try selecting smart, minimal accessories that won’t take too much attention away from the window itself. This small, curved orchard catches the eye but lets the timber box sash window take centre stage.

5. Quintessentially country

Windows in a boot room or utility room afford plenty of opportunities to add additional ornaments. For those seeking to offset the clean lines of a shaker-style cabinet, window cills offer the perfect place for a glass vase or two, while keeping the worktops clear of clutter.  

6. Turn a cill into a functional buy stylish shelf 

Turn everyday kitchen items into a display in their own right by arranging them in the sunshine on a window cill. Wooden ornaments help to preserve the character of a historic home by celebrating organic materials. This arrangement of beautiful serving boards works so well as they are all slightly different, adding interest and character. A few splashes of green from the herbs tie everything together. 

7. Welcome the outdoors into your home with a fresh floral arrangement

Different sized bottles and glasses are an ideal alternative to traditional vases while splitting a bouquet into separate receptacles adds interest to a pretty arrangement. The taller bottle is perfectly sized for adding height, while the smaller glasses are sweet little additions, perfect for a single bud. 

8. A modern-rustic window cill

Large, leafy herbs in rustic pots can make a huge statement as a decorative feature in any modern-rustic kitchen. Yes, the pressure is on to keep them watered and happy with so much sunlight, but this shouldn’t require too much commitment. Think chunky wicker plant pots, aluminium tins and wooden bowls, all finely crafted for an earthy feel. 

9. Bohemian Sophistication

This window cill scheme brings together traditional scented candles with contemporary greenery and strong decorative lighting. What better way to give your home a wonderful glow once the sun goes down and the evening draws in?

10. Mixed material display

This dainty arrangement, with its bowl of shells, white ceramics and candles, is proof that mixing textures and materials is a winning window cill strategy.