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5 Steps to Clean Timber Windows and Doors

cleaning timber windows

Spring has arrived, and with it - the motivation to clear away any lingering dust, dirt and cobwebs left behind by winter. Our expert guide to cleaning windows and doors will help you to get everything sparkling inside and out.

Marks on your glazing can really let down a room, making it look and feel untidy and unwelcome. But immaculate rooms deserve beautifully clear views. Which is why we have created our 5 easy steps to spring cleaning your timber windows.

Put down the glass cleaner and kitchen paper and avoid using any power washers or the hose, as you want to avoid forcing water through the glass of your Accoya windows or creating any movement that may lead to water ingress. Instead, all that you will need is a couple of sponges, a squeegee, a bucket of warm soapy water, and a good quality microfibre cloth, specifically for glass cleaning.

Spring Clean timber windows

Before you begin, try to avoid cleaning on bright, sunny days as the water will evaporate faster and you may not have a chance to clean them properly. Equally a rainy day may prove problematic when drying your windows and removing any drips.

  1. Remove any furniture inside that may be in the way and prepare the area by lying a towel on the floor. Open the window or door from inside and vacuum away cobwebs or dust using a soft brush attachment.
  2. Close the window or door and mix together warm water, a touch of washing up liquid (less is more to avoid soap residue being left on the glass). If you live in a hard water area, then you should also consider using distilled water as the minerals in the water may cause more streaks. Use this soap and water mixture with a sponge and wash down the external framework and joinery. Removing any bacteria which could cause damage to the wood.
    TIP: Keep an eye on your water and be sure to change it before it starts to look dirty.
  3. Once wiped down, go back over the joinery with a clean, microfibre cloth to remove excess water or drips. If you see that any dirt build up has been missed, go back over the area with the soapy water and sponge, before drying with the microfibre cloth again.
  4. Now, it’s time to focus on the glazing. Mix up a new batch of the soapy water and wash each of the panes with a new sponge – Toughened glass, has a soft coating which can scratch if not cleaned with care. Be sure to use a separate sponge and keep any rings away to avoid scratching the glass with any grit or jewellery.
  5. With a squeegee move over the glazing in an ‘s’ motion. The squeegee may leave dirty marks on the glazing bars. Simply use a clean cloth to wipe over the glazing bars, before buffing away any residual water on the glass with a clean, dry microfibre cloth. Clean any remaining drips or spills from the joinery.
    TIP: Clean and store your glass cloth in a plastic box or sealed bag to avoid it collecting dust and anything that may scratch the glazing when cleaning again in future.

Spring Clean timber windows

Repeat this process from the inside, wiping in the opposite direction. This will help to show whether any remaining smears or smudges are inside or out.

Once you have followed our 5-step guide to cleaning you’ll be left with crystal-clear glazing and joinery that looks as good as new. At this stage we always recommend conducting some simple maintenance checks to ensure that your windows and doors remain top condition for the year ahead.

To prolong the period between maintenance checks and to help keep your timber windows and doors looking smart all year round, we recommend a Teknos Clean kit. Specifically designed for use on Accoya painted windows and doors to ensure the best shine. The kit contains an alkaline cleaning agent, the Teknocare 4250 to restore the sheen, and a soft Microfibre cloth.

Teknos cleaning kits are available from us to purchase. If you would like to purchase a kit, please contact aftercare@westburygardenrooms.com