Accoya® receives gold in cradle to cradle certification - Westbury Windows and Joinery

Accoya® receives gold in cradle to cradle certification


The Accoya® that we use to manufacture our windows and doors has just been re-awarded Gold status in the Cradle to Cradle certification for the 7th year running.

Accoya®, the engineered timber that we use to craft our windows and doors at Westbury Joinery has been re-awarded Gold status in the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification in recognition of its sustainable credentials across its lifespan, for the 7th year running.

The recertification of C2C Gold has been granted, following a rigorous assessment process, due to Accyss Technologies’ sustainable wood sourcing methods, using more than 50% renewable energy, while producing a fully non-toxic product.

The Cradle to Cradle certification is a special industry standard with a criteria of requirements for continually improving the composite of products and how they are manufactured. It serves to provide consumers, regulators, and those in the industry with a concise validation of a manufacturer’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and to the wider community.

Accoya® is recognised as the leading sustainable wood product due to its excellent level of environmental performance. The engineered timber fits perfectly in the C2C bio-cycle, as well as matching or outperforming the technical performance of non-renewable, carbon intensive materials, including aluminium and PVC.

Accoya® was also re-awarded a separate Platinum C2C status – the highest possible certification level – in the material health category which highlights that the product will not pose any danger to the health of the environment or humans.

The benefits of Accoya® windows and doors

In addition to its high profile Cradle to Cradle accreditations, Accoya® is manufactured through a unique acetylation process to achieve remarkable levels of stability and durability. Backed by 90 years of research to prove its reliability, Accoya® exceeds the quality and aesthetic attributes of tropical hardwoods in most cases.

Boasting such superb environmental credentials, Accoya® is able to withstand extreme environmental factors, making it the perfect material for the main components of our windows and external doors.

Windows and doors made from engineered Accoya® not only have greater strength, stability, and durability but they are also far more environmentally friendly than products made from solid timber or other materials because the manufacturing process produces minimal wastage and the end product is completely recyclable.


Why Westbury Joinery uses Accoya®  

Westbury Windows and Joinery is a brand with sustainability and environmentally friendly values at its core. We work hard to responsibly source all of our materials and are extremely conscious about working with them in an efficient way in order to reduce wastage.

The small quantity of waste we do have left over from our workshop is recycled into fuel and used to heat our offices so our wastage levels are minimal. We choose to work in this sustainable way in order to positively benefit the wider community and the environment.

Accoya® also has a class one durability status and extreme dimensional stability. It does not shrink, warp, or swell and there is next to no movement in the joints, meaning maximum longevity and very little maintenance required by the end user.

Accoya® is, therefore, an essential component to our doors and windows, offering superior performance, minimum maintenance and meeting our environmental values.