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Achieve that unique feel with bespoke windows and doors


The very best materials, expert design and fine artisanship make beautiful, bespoke windows and doors. Are you considering custom-made products for your home? Here is what you can expect…

There are many different ways to transform a property, but installing bespoke timber doors and windows is a highly effective way of giving your home an upgrade while enjoying the benefits of high-performing products. When it comes to glazing, in particular, even the smallest of overlooked design details can result in a product that fails to perform. From shrinkage to condensation and peeling paint, all sorts of issues can reveal themselves when shortcuts occur at the manufacturing stage. 

Bespoke products crafted by a quality manufacturer using premium materials are well worth the investment, resulting in doors and windows that make their home stand out for all the right reasons.

Choosing quality over cost-cutting budgets…

With bespoke products, you are paying for the skills and expertise that comes with heritage workmanship. Likely to be crafted in workshops using state-of-the-art technology, hand-finished timber products are enhanced and refined to technical perfection, surpassing standard uPVC doors and windows. Not only do they look better, but also the superior quality means that they will last longer than something made quickly and economically. 

Unlike homeowners who opt for off-the-shelf products, they are protecting themselves from the headaches of costly replacements further down the line with durable and robust doors and windows. Those who settle for nothing less will understand that, just like a tailored coat or suit, made to measure doors and windows made from quality materials will last longer. 

We use Accoya, which is a revolutionary engineered timber that has been created using an acetylation process that the Dutch have been perfecting for over 30 years. Fast-growing and abundantly available FSC certified trees are used, like Radiata pine, meaning that Accoya is a natural, sustainable product that produces minimal wastage. 

The pine goes through an environmentally friendly modification process, which makes it a super-durable version of its original form. This cutting-edge material is rot-proof and swelling and shrinkage is massively reduced. Guaranteed to last 50 years above ground, your bespoke Accoya windows and doors will not need replacing any time soon. 

You can be confident that your custom-made doors and windows are of outstanding quality, crafted with care and attention. Longevity and durability are certainly the keywords here! Your home will maintain a fine, polished look for years to come, while standard products might start to look tired and weathered after a few years. 

Achieving the perfect fit…

Made-to-measure windows and doors offer a superior fit, meaning that they will never jar or stick. From the offset, you will notice the difference with soft closing doors and flawlessly smooth locking systems. You can bid farewell to slamming doors and draughty windows with custom designs. Floor levels should be at the correct height in relation to thresholds, and ceiling heights should be taken into account so the doors and apertures can be scaled up to the correct proportions for your house.

Opting for bespoke products will often involve taking measurements from existing door and window frames, which is also highly beneficial especially when renovating a period property and exact replacements are required for planning purposes. Specifying a perfect match for a uniquely sized window frame can be almost impossible when searching for windows and doors on the wider market! 

Celebrating your own personal style…

From classic designs to sleek and modern creations, there is a window and door style to suit every property. By combining function, form and a timeless style, bespoke doors and windows can help to create a unique aesthetic that represents your home. Your property will be fitted with one-of-a-kind products that reflect your tastes and preferences, making it easy to achieve a specific look that you cannot get with off-the-shelf doors and windows. 

Choosing a colour that you love takes careful thought depending on the look that you want to achieve, but paint can play a bigger role when it comes to specialist timber joinery. By combining the right paint with the right timber, and applying it in the correct way, will result in doors and windows that look beautiful and are virtually maintenance-free. If done correctly, it can add years to the life of your new bespoke windows and doors. Coated with a water-based, microporous paint system, our doors and windows have three spray-applied layers to achieve the perfect thickness. After application, the water evaporates to leave a highly durable and protective layer behind. 

Bespoke design is ultimately about giving control back to you, the homeowner, and making the whole process about you and your requirements. You can make decisions and be involved from the very beginning, working with the designers to choose everything from the joinery styles and fenestration to the paint colours. Even those little details can make all the difference, and with made to measure doors and windows you can take the time to get it right and specify ironmongery styles that you love. If the idea of a sturdy brass doorknocker has always appealed to you, then a sturdy brass doorknocker you shall have.

Investing in high-performing products…

Not only will they transform the look and style of your home, but bespoke doors and windows can also improve security, acoustics and energy performance. For the homeowners themselves, they are likely to be more satisfied when features of their property perfectly match their requirements. All double-glazed windows are designed to reduce heat loss; however, there are many options to choose from depending on your requirements. Here are a few examples: 

Toughened Glass: Safe & Secure: Ideal for high or low-level windows and doors, this glazing is four times stronger than regular glass and shatters into smaller, safer pieces if broken. 

Laminated: Secure glass that protects your home from break-ins and provides better protection than Toughened Glass against UV rays, making you feel secure and helping to slow the fading of coloured textiles and wooden furniture.

Low-e: Short for low emissivity. This glazing dramatically reduces heat transfer and reflects interior heat into a room. This will make the room feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

Sun Guard: Reduces solar gain during the summer months, but helps keep heat in during winter.

Argon Filled: Double glazing that benefits from outstanding energy efficiency. For a slimmer profile with the same performance, Krypton-filled glazing is better for creating an authentic look in period-style homes.

Acoustic: Two or more sheets of glass bonded together with an acoustic membrane layer. Sound is reflected towards its source rather than travelling through the glass and into your home. Ideal for those living under a flight path or by a busy road. 

An exemplary service, from the beginning… 

With custom-made doors and windows, you are likely to enjoy a personal, diligent service from the manufacturer. You can discuss your ideas with a team of professionals from the very beginning, discussing the styles that you want to achieve and your specific performance needs. 

Your choice of windows and doors will ultimately define the look and character of your property, so working with a company who understands design unity and can incorporate order, proportion, hierarchy, balance and scale – which are the basic elements of classic, timeless architecture. 

A window and joinery company should be able to provide you with product-specific information and accurate, transparent quotations. Expert advice is likely to be available through the decision-making buying and installation process, saving you time by taking care of everything for you.