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How to clean your windows like a pro

It really does feel like spring has sprung, which means it’s time to dust away those wintery cobwebs and spruce up your home with a good, thorough spring clean. However, no matter how spotless a room is, smeary and spattered glazing will stop it from feeling clean and fresh. Start by giving your windows a good wash and you’ll be well on your way to having a sparkling home, inside and out. Get them gleaming with our expert suggestions…

Nothing can make a difference to the look and feel of your home quite like a clean and sparkling window. An unsightly build-up of grime, dust and rain marks on glazing can let down an otherwise neat and tidy room. Especially on sunny days when the light is shining on the glass, a dirty window can unfortunately be one of the first things you see when you walk into a space.

Windows, roof lanterns, and door sidelights can play such a key part in the overall look of your property that to achieve their full potential they need to look exceptionally clean. Immaculate glazing will let the light into your rooms and give you beautiful, uninterrupted views of your garden.

Here are our top tips for letting the sunshine in…

It’s all about the equipment

If a window is washed down incorrectly then the tell-tale smears and dried soap studs will be ever visible, especially in the sunshine. A few sprays of glass cleaner and a roll of kitchen towels won’t be enough to clean your windows properly and get them sparkling. For an ultimate, thorough clean you’ll need to kit yourself out with the right tools for the job.

A pile of exceptionally clean, dry microfiber cloths is an absolute essential. We recommend having designated cloths kept just for window cleaning, which you could keep in a storage box to protect them from dust. Having different coloured cloths can make it easy to identify the ones that you’ve already used as you work, helping you to keep your dry cloths separate. You’ll also need a clean sponge, an old towel, a squeegee, a lightweight hoover with a soft brush attachment, washing up liquid and a bucket.

When you’re ready to start, remove any furniture, curtains or blinds that might get in the way. Fill the bucket up with warm water and add a small amount of washing up liquid. Less it more when it comes to this, you really don’t need that much soap to cut through any dirt or grease. If the water is too soapy then you’ll risk a build-up of suds on the glass which will leave a residue. Try to avoid washing your windows on a bright and sunny day, as your glazing will be warmer and the soapy water will evaporate quicker before you’ve had a chance to clean them properly.

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The quality of the water you are using can also make a big difference when you are cleaning windows, as glazing will make every little impurity stand out. Hard water has a higher amount of minerals which will cause more streaks, so consider using distilled water if this is a problem in your area.

The right way to clean

First, open all of your doors and windows in the room and check to make sure that everything is moving freely and the locks are all working. While they are open, use the hoover with the soft brush attachment to clean away any cobwebs or dust. Check the window cills and ledges for any dirt or dead insects which can also be hoovered up.

Close the doors and windows and head outside with your bucket, sponge, squeegee and microfiber cloths. Using the soapy water, wash down all the external framework and joinery with a sponge; if you have timber windows then this will help to remove any organic bacteria which over time can get into the wood and cause damage. As you clean, regularly change the water in the bucket as soon as it starts to look too dirty. Wipe the external framework and joinery with a clean cloth to remove any excess water or drips once finished.

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Now it’s time to clean the glazing. Wash the windows down with your clean sponge then wipe everything away using your squeegee, working in an s-motion. Make sure you reach the very inner corners of the glazing. Buff away any residual water with a clean and dry microfiber cloth, and re-wipe the joinery to clear away any new drips or spills. Head back inside and repeat, laying an old towel down to protect your floor. A great tip is to try and clean in the opposite direction on the inside, so you’ll know which side of the window to check if you spot any missed smears or soap residue.

If you have a lot of glazing to get through, cleaning windows can be a rather tedious chore but with the right method and the right equipment, you’ll find it much easier. At Westbury, our general approach to cleaning and maintenance is ‘little and often’ so we recommend a good clean twice a year, which will help to reduce the risk of costly repairs in the future and keep your windows, doors and roof lanterns looking as good as new for years to come.

Our window cleaning service

It goes without saying that once we’ve finished installing our doors, windows and roof lanterns we always do a final clean to make sure our customers are left with flawless, sparkling glazing. Whether our customers go on to do further renovation works on their property which can create more dust and grime, or they just want to keep their glazing looking good as new, they often ask us to recommend a good window cleaner.  

We know our own products better than anyone, and understand how to clean and care for them in the right way. For these reasons, we now have our own in-house window cleaner who can provide a thorough clean as well as a maintenance check, (for more details, see our flyer: C&M Flyer_S_S) available exclusively for all our existing customers. We’ve invested in a water purifying system to make sure that newly cleaned glazing is left with a streak free finish. We know where all the potential trouble spots might be, and will check for signs of damage and water ingress, making maintenance one less thing for our customers to worry about.

So far this has been hugely popular, with our clients already trusting our commitment to providing a quality service and ongoing support. If you’re interested in booking a cleaning appointment then we recommend you contact us well in advance, and our teams will be happy to make arrangements for you.