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Contemporary and Cosy – Why concrete floors are here to stay

Concrete flooring has sprung in and out of fashion often over the years. However, the simplistic elegance and solid application holds a captivating beauty that is seldom achieved with alternative materials. Allowing concrete to claim its place firmly within the world of home interiors.

As you may have read, when it comes to flooring we love tiles. Whether it’s porcelain or ceramic, the use of tiles in heavy traffic areas such as kitchen orangeries make an excellent pairing due to their resistance to wear and tear and the ideal partner to underfloor heating. But equally as effective and here to stay, is tiled or poured concrete.

Though concrete flooring has often been associated with cold, industrial spaces and storage units. Those who are bold and daring enough to take the plunge have achieved spaces that are contemporary, stylish and surprisingly cosy. Often creating a finish that works brilliantly within many modern interior spaces. Whether poured in-situ, or laid as tessellating tiles, concrete can make rooms feel larger and more luxurious. Particularly if your room receives bounds of natural light already from a roof lantern or orangery.

These sun-filled spaces are inviting and deliver an irresistibly sleek aesthetic. When paired with the chalky tones of timber joinery, wood textures, the natural fibres of soft furnishings and vibrancy of tropical house plants, the result is a room that has been perfectly softened. Reflecting the use of raw materials, and a connection to craftmanship.

But how can you achieve this same look and feel within your home?

Regarded as the innovators and leaders in the art of concrete, with over 25 years of knowledge at the helm, Lazenby are the experts in decorative concrete. With clients across the UK and Europe their portfolio contains a diverse range of projects. From poured concrete to lightweight sinks and furnishings. An attention to detail and strive for perfection is at the heart of every project, big or small. They are able to consistently deliver a result that not only meets expectations, but far exceeds them. Delivering a superior quality every time.

This artisanal use of concrete can been seen in one of their residential projects in Wandsworth Common. The project features the timeless classic shade, Light Natural. ‘Every Lazenby polished concrete floor is hand-crafted and bespoke giving your project the unique characteristics required to create your perfect living space.’ Explains Ben Young, one of the experts at Lazenby.

Continuing that ‘the clients also chose to run the concrete outside onto a terrace, creating a seamless indoor/outdoor living space.’ This large and beautiful project was cast in-situ, with an anti-slip finish that extends inside the large open plan living area all the way out to the garden steps by the back door. Providing a wonderful, seamless flow that glides from one space to the next along the polished surface, providing an extension of the internal space.

Ben explains that the consistent demand in concrete flooring is due to the many functional qualities – it is ‘hard-wearing, slip resistant and easy to maintain’. It delivers exceptional longevity and a unique modern finish. ‘a polished concrete floor is suitable for almost all residential environments’ and at Lazenby its ‘Available in a myriad of colours and finishes for greater flexibility and versatility to enhance any design.’

But the application of concrete does not have to feel cold and unwelcoming, as Ben explains ‘Due to the inherent properties of concrete and its thermal mass, it is the perfect partner for underfloor heating. With a nominal thickness of 100mm (minimum 75mm) the concrete can be laid directly over underfloor heating pipes and eliminates the need for a traditional screed.’