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Front Door Styles: Exploring the Perfect Fit for Your Home

Doors are more than just functional elements of a house; they contribute significantly to its aesthetic appeal and overall ambiance. Choosing the right door style can enhance the character of your home while also reflecting your personal taste and lifestyle.

From traditional to modern, there are various front door styles to consider, each with its own unique charm and functionality. In this blog post, we’ll explore some popular front door styles to help you find the perfect fit for your home.


Timeless and versatile, panel doors feature raised and fielded or bolection panels that add depth and dimension to any door. These front door styles are a popular choice for traditional and modern homes, offering a sense of elegance and sophistication. Panel doors come in various configurations, including two-panel, four-panel, and six-panel designs, allowing you to customize the look to suit your preferences.


Panelled Front Door Style
  • Style: Four Panel Door with Fully Glazed Sidelights & Bolection Panels.
  • Colour: Dual Colour Finish – Westbury Black & Wash White
  • Specification/Size: 1766mm x 2408mm
  • Ironmongery:
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze
    • Doctors Knocker
    • Round Door Pull
    • T-Bar & Escutcheon Pull
  • Price: £7,250.00+vat (includes the dual colour door leaf)


Six Panel Front Door Style
  • Style: Six Panel Door with Glazed Sidelights. Raised & fielded and bolection moulded panel.
  • Colour: Marston & Langinger Brittania Bronze (Gloss)
  • Specification/Size: 2295mm x 2100mm approx.
  • Ironmongery:
    • Polished Brass Escutcheon Pull
    • Large Octagon Door Pull
    • Doctors Knocker
  • Price: £7,000.00+vat


A half-glazed front door style allows light into your home whilst maintaining privacy and can provide a unique feature to the front your home. Glazed panels can be circular, rectangular, or square depending on your preference. These are usually placed at the top of the door and can be clear or frosted for a perfect balance or privacy and light.


Half Glazed Front Door Style
  • Style: Half Glazed Door with Circular Glass.
  • Colour: RAL 7032 Pebble Grey
  • Specification/Size: 940 x 2075 (1540mm wide including window)
  • Ironmongery: Steelworx Satin Stainless Steel Handle on Rose with separate Round Escutcheon.
  • Cost: £5,184.33+vat including window


1930s Front Door Style
  • Style: Modern take on1930s Style Door with Antique Lead/Satin Obscure Detailing. Bolection moulded panels.
  • Colour: Westbury Black
  • Specification/Size: 1990mm x 2475mm.
  • Ironmongery: Satin Stainless Steel Handle on a Rose.
  • Cost: £6,400.00+vat


A contemporary and modern door style characterised by vertical panels running the full height of the door. The vertical orientation of the boards gives these doors a sense of height and grandeur, making for a particularly striking entrance to your home. They can be customised to suit various architectural styles, whether you prefer a simple and understated look or a more elaborate design with added ironmongery, panelling or glazing, vertical boarded doors can be tailored to match your aesthetic preferences.


Vee Grooved Boarded Double Front Door Style
  • Style: Vee Grooved Boarded Double Door in Antique Lead Glazed Screen
  • Colour: Dulux Jenny Wren / Westbury White
  • Specification/Size: 3345mm x 3800mm overall screen – 1500mm x 2200mm approx. door size.
  • Ironmongery: Oil Rubbed bronze Newbury Door Handle
  • Special Features: Antique Leaded Glazing Bars in sidelights 
  • Cost/Price: £13,044.96 + vat including top screen and dual colour finish.


  • Style: Vertical Vee grooved boarded door with fully glazed sidelights.
  • Colour: Flint (F&B Pigeon)
  • Specification/Size: 1600mm x 2110mm
  • Ironmongery:
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze Escutcheon Pull
    • Internal T-Bar Handle and Brass Thumb Turn
  • Cost/Price: £4,650.00 + vat.


Vertical Boarded Front Door Style
  • Style: New England Style Half Glazed Vee Grooved Entrance Door
  • Colour: Westbury White internally
  • Specification/Size: 2075mm x 2258mm
  • Ironmongery:
    • Polished Chrome Letter Plate
    • T-Bar & Escutcheon pull
  • Cost: £7,450.00 + vat including dual colour


Much like the vertical boarded door, the horizontal boarded door is characterised by horizontal panels running the full width of the door.These panels can be evenly spaced or grouped closer together, depending on the desired aesthetic. They can be customised to suit various architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a more rustic and textured finish they can be tailored to suit your home.

Horizontal Front Door Style
  • Style: Modern Horizontal Vee Boarded Door with Long Glazed Vision Panel.
  • Colour: Granite
  • Ironmongery: Satin Stainless Steel Pull Handle & Escutcheon Pull.
  • Specification/Size: 3000mm x 4738mm approx. 1000mm x 2100mm door leaf.
  • Cost/Price: £3,450.00+vat door & frame only (not including surrounding screen).

What paint is used to coat Westbury Front Doors?

Our doors are all factory finished with 3 coats of microporous, water-based paint by Teknos. This is approximately 4 times thicker and more effective than a brush applied paint. It requires little to no-maintenance, and with a simple wash down twice a year should last 10 years or more without the need for repainting.

The paint that coats our doors is of vital importance. We have a specially selected colour palette that you can choose from, or we can colour match to any colour of your choice. Looking for some front door colour inspiration? Take a look at some popular front door colour ideas for 2024.

Find out more about the performance of our paint here.  

What Timber is used to manufacture Westbury Front Doors?

Westbury Front Doors are manufactured using Accoya. Accoya undergoes a chemical process, which alters the wood’s structure to make it more dimensionally stable and resistant to decay. This process significantly enhances the wood’s durability, making it highly resistant to rot, fungi, insects, and moisture-related problems. This process stops the timber from retracting and expanding due to seasonal changes meaning it is under less stress, therefore does not stick or split, and paint finishes last longer.

How are Westbury Front Doors delivered?

All our front doors are delivered fully factory finished with three coats of paint. They are factory hung on heavy duty butt hinges and complete with a standard or heritage multi locking system, lock cylinder and handles. A single entrance door from Westbury includes a fully painted boarded timber door, frame and threshold, pre-cut hardware fixing points and fitted ironmongery.

How secure are Westbury Front doors?         

All our joinery products go through rigorous physical security testing, by an independent testing centre, to ensure they meet PAS24 standards. This test determines if a door, or window can be breached by an opportunist intruder. Our doors and hardware proved so robust; they could not be breached at all.

What is the cost of a Westbury front door?

The cost of the doors featured in this post are listed above. Our front doors are priced to reflect our level of expertise, experience and continual process of learning and improvement our joinery products have been through. Take a look at our blog post ‘how much does a new front door cost?’ to find out more.

Westbury provide a supply-only service but can provide the details of a recommended installer, on request. To get a quote a for a new front door for your home, contact our team today.