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Home Décor Trends: Brass and bronze ironmongery are on the rise

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In recent years we’ve seen an unexpected increase in demand for brass and bronze door handles – and it’s all down to the material’s antibacterial properties.

Regardless of your property’s style, the addition of a beautifully crafted timber door or window will always portray an air of elegance. Our clients know exceptional quality when they see it, and they appreciate our bespoke joinery products because we consistently craft to a superior standard.

In part, our designs are known for their strength and durability because we always use the best, materials. From the water-based paint systems to the solar reflective glazing, we never cut corners – and that goes for the ironmongery too. Our ironmongery is all British manufactured to ensure its quality and longevity.

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Door and window handles need to be strong and sturdy, as we touch them the most.

We source all our ironmongery from Croft, a British heritage, family-run manufacturer based in the West Midlands, which is known for being the historic heart of the British lock and hardware industry. Croft’s dedication to producing outstanding quality shows in every door and window fitted with their products, with stainless steel and chrome fittings being the most popular style in recent years.

Due to its lighter, reflective appearance, stainless steel has recently been considered to be a cleaner-looking material to have in the home, but in fact, bacteria can survive on this material for weeks.

Due to coronavirus, our clients are thinking twice before they choose their ironmongery material, with brass and bronze fittings on the rise. For many, updating their home means choosing designs which help to promote a safe and clean living environment, and the increase in popularity is all due to brass and bronze’s antibacterial properties.

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Brass and bronze bring a different kind of look to your doors and windows. If you’re looking to introduce warmer accents to your home, then brass and bronze detailing is ideal. It’s a highly versatile, rust-resistant material – making it suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, and it can also be found in contemporary metal furniture designs, appliances and lighting.

According to Croft’s Director, Paul Clifford, the key is to look at the quality of the materials and the content of copper in your door handles. ‘It’s all about the copper content due to its antibacterial properties,’ he says. ‘With 86% copper in our bronze castings and 65% in our brass, choosing the unlacquered option allows regular cleaning, maintains the appearance, and retains the natural virus-fighting ability.’

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COVID-19 lives on brass and bronze handles for just four hours

According to Molecular Genetics of Bacteria by Professor Bill Keevil of Southampton University, copper and it’s alloys, brass and bronze, are highly effective at killing bacteria – sometimes within minutes. Copper ions penetrate the bacteria cells and inhibit their respiration. They also attack the DNA of the cell, stopping the transfer of toxic genes and antibody resistance.

Research conducted by The New England Journal Of Medicine states that COVID-19 lives on copper surfaces for four hours, while managing to live on other surfaces like plastic and stainless steel for up to three days.

It goes without saying that consistent handwashing and antibacterial cleaning at home needs to be implemented as a priority. Still, brass or bronze door handles will help to reduce the transmission of germs.

We’ve taken great care in ensuring our workshop and showrooms are safe and allow for social distancing for our employees. We’ve also decided to change all our door handles from stainless steel to brass, to benefit from their astounding antibacterial properties.

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New timber doors and windows can redefine the character of your property. If you would like to find out more about our bespoke joinery, get in touch with our team to find out more, or download a brochure.