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Protect your property for National Home Security Month


October is National Security Month. Follow our tips to make sure your property remains secure and protected all year round.

A quarter of UK homeowners admit to having no security measures in place. Rather than actively planning to securely protect their property at all times, many are only making the decision to secure their property following a burglary.

Research shows that burglaries spike by 38% when the clocks go back in Autumn, with the period between Halloween and bonfire night hit hardest with domestic damage burglaries increasing by a whopping 160% during this time. With this in mind, October has been chosen as National Home Security Month (NHSM), an annual initiative that seeks to push home security into the forefront of everyone’s mind to combat these issues head on.

Are your windows and doors secure?

We believe quality materials and craftsmanship will always outperform the security levels of their cheaply priced counterparts, so take the time to conduct sufficient research in order to source reputable manufacturers and fitters to ensure the property is clad with windows and doors that prioritise security.

Westbury takes homeowner security very seriously, not just during National Home Security Month, but throughout the year. We take pride in the design, manufacture, and fitting of our window and door products, created with superior security in mind. All of our products have been tested in a UKAS approved lab in order to meet PAS24 compliance. Find out more here.

Keep valuables under lock and key

All windows and doors should be fitted with multi-point locking systems to maximise their security and protection. To meet safety and insurance regulations, seek locks that comply with necessary standards for the location of the property.

Be clear about glazing options

If possible, opt for toughened glass for all windows, doors, and glazed sections of a property. This material is around four times stronger than than regular glass, offering robust protection levels against breakage. If it does get broken, it will shatter into cubes of glass as opposed to dangerous sharp shards.

Install an alarm system
Installing an alarm system or CCTV cameras will provide the property and its contents with an additional layer of security protection by helping to deter unwanted visitors. Today, there are also a number of smart tech and automated security fixtures available for that extra peace of mind.

Security starts at home
Protective devices and tools will help to improve home security, but only to a certain extent. Ultimately, the onus is on the property owner to ensure the highest level of security is maintained at all times.

At the bare minimum, doors and windows should always be locked up at night and before a property is vacated for any period of time. Outdoor lights and smart systems should be turned on at the right times, keys stored out of view, and surrounding shrubbery and trees tended to regularly. When it comes to home security, applying a little common sense will go a very long way, and it will always pay to be extra cautious.

For more advice on keeping a property secure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Statistics and further information about National Home Security Month: