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How can new windows transform a home?

One of the most transformative elements of any home is the windows – installing beautifully crafted windows is one of the most powerful tools to refresh and energise your home. From the carefully curated fenestration that immediately catches your eye as you arrive home, to the beautifully soft shadows that form patterns amongst natural light streaming in. Here are some of the most brilliant ways that the humble window can elevate your home.

The External Façade

It is undeniable that new windows can provide an instant improvement to the appearance of a building. The perfectly proportioned and careful placement of each window creates a balanced display of shape and structure across your home. They are the single most impactful way to finish the external façade, the addition of Georgian glazing bars or restored features like Sash will add bounds of character to your home. Timber windows in particular help to make your home stand out from others that may have settled for less charming options.

The Room Inside

When buying new windows or designing a new build property, the opportunity to choose your window sizes presents itself. Creating larger openings could be on the agenda, improving the balance of the room, creating an illusion of a greater floor area and space. Drawing the eye outwards from the confines of your room, in addition to increasing the natural light that can fill the space. This combined with flawlessly clear glazing is a sure-fire way to brighten your home and ensure rooms are uplifting and inviting.

The Finish

There is a finish that only timber can achieve. It is in the solid feeling of a painted surface and the soft muffled sound of a timber window closing. Everything about new timber windows says luxury and quality. Something that uPVC cannot compete with, due to the plastic connotations of being low budget and the known environmental damage. Conversely, our timber frames are sustainable by design and build.

In addition to this, a sensation that cannot be overlooked is the look and feel of excellent ironmongery. Quality, solid ironmongery will finish a room and a home instantly. With there being a great diversity in choice, a more personalised aesthetic can be achieved within the home. The weight, shape and movement should also feel devine, as it’s one of the only areas in your home you will interact with regularly, so don’t settle for inadequate ironmongery.

The Ease of Opening

The sensation of opening of a timber window should be smooth, effortless and gentle. Gliding open and closed with ease. Wooden-framed windows date back centuries, so the opening mechanics have had a long time to be perfected, refined and improved over the years. As well as the materials and processes to craft beautiful timber frames. Using a balance of Accoya timber, expert craftsmanship, the most advanced industry technology, and durable Teknos painted finish. The results are solid windows that feel safe with a great weight to it, yet as light as a feather to open – a quality that will last for years to come. All whilst maintaining high levels of security to protect your family and home, which is why we rigorously test our windows for security.


You may love the look of pristine white window frames, you may prefer a charcoal-grey frame. Often uPVC windows are limited by the colours available. However timber frames offer an array of colour options, and at Westbury, we can even colour match your favourite shades. Allowing for greater versatility in your home interior design and exterior facade. So you may love, white or grey window frames. But you may love the subtle warmth of Upton White with its soft, earthy undertones or the rich darkness of Roman Bronze more. That choice is yours.