How do we ensure our timber windows withstand the notorious Spring Showers? - Westbury Windows and Joinery

How do we ensure our timber windows withstand the notorious Spring Showers?

Rain and water ingress can be a serious problem for timber windows. With an average rainfall of 885mm over 133 days of the year in the UK, timber windows and doors need to withstand over a third of their lives enduring the rain. Failure to do so can be catastrophic and costly. Leading to the rot and gradual deterioration of the timber. However, using modern technology and techniques there is a solution.

From the timber down to the finished painted frames, every step of the way we take measures to ensure an infallible and long-lasting finish. With some of our windows and doors finding their way across the world, our joinery does not only comply with the industry standard, but we’re proud to share that it also exceeds and outperforms many other options on the market in the UK and internationally. Surviving and even thriving under some extreme conditions. Evidence of which can be seen overseas in Sri Lanka, comparatively experiencing on average 5000mm of rainfall over 180 days and some of the most changeable weather conditions there are.

How do we test this performance?

All our products are independently tested for their performance in a UKAS accredited test centre. Every time we develop our designs or any regulations change, we test again, intending to remain the best supplier of timber windows and doors out there, seeing excellent results in SecurityThermal Performance, and Weather Proofing.


How do we weatherproof our windows and doors?

It starts with the timber. Using our expert blend of engineered redwood and Accoya, the result is a robust and stable engineered wood that has a low risk of shrinkage. The sun and warmer climate can prove an unsuspecting destructive enemy, particularly in the summer months. High UV rays and an increase in temperature can lead to movement in the wood of cheaper windows and doors. However, our developed blend of timber does not suffer from this heat-induced expansion. Equally the cold weather that usually causes wood to shrink is not something that Accoya experiences. This is vital to the performance of the timber in wet conditions as it prevents movement in the joints. Ensuring they remain secure and strong throughout their lifetime. In turn, the joinery lends itself to a pristine painted finish. With no movement in the joints, the paintwork will not crack or lead to any water ingress over time.

All our painted windows and doors leave the workshop having received 3 coats of Teknos paint. When coupled with our Accoya timber, this paint provides a highly durable and protective finish. Lasting for12 years and more before the need to repaint – more than double the longevity of alternative timber windows and doors on the market. The painted finish acts as a barrier against any bacteria that could break down the timber over time and therefore is also less demanding in terms of maintenance.

We take this a step further; all of our windows feature a smart glazing system that won’t leave visible holes in the glazing bead. These are then sealed with silicone to further protect each bar from the rain penetrating the timber.