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How much do timber doors cost?

An easy update without the need for disruptive building works and cumbersome planning – new doors can instantly update the look and feel of your home. Keeping to budgets is always vital, so how much do timber doors cost?

When it comes to creating a modern home, you can’t go far wrong when you combine form and function. Whether you are creating your first home from scratch or wanting to give your existing home a refresh, it makes a real difference when you invest in high-quality, bespoke timber doors. It may not always be something you notice in a house, but when it’s cold outside, it feels good to shut the weather out with a sturdy, solid-feeling door that moves with an effortless motion and clicks shut with a flawless close. Well-made doors don’t rattle or jamb, and they never let drafts through into your hallway. Our products are guaranteed to last for 50 years or more, despite being a very hardworking and interactive part of the house, and they are safe and secure with impenetrable locks.  

Whether you want to give your home the magnificent entrance it deserves with a smart timber front door, or you want to open up the back of your house to the garden with some new bi-folding doors, you’ll want to know how much your project will cost. It’s a question we are often asked, but as each door we make is bespoke, it’s tricky to provide our clients with a suggested price until we’ve had a chance to take a full specification and put a quote together. However, some elements will affect the final figures. We explore the different factors that might affect the overall price for installing new timber doors.

Entrance doors, French doors or folding/stacking doors

Timber doors crafted from Accoya timber will outlast uPVC or aluminium products and will give your home a classic, elegant style. Our blend of engineered Redwood and Accoya is the perfect combination, resulting in a stable and robust window that will never move or rot. By investing in high quality, durable windows, you reduce the likelihood of costly replacements further down the line. The type of timber door you choose will have an impact on the price. Single doors, French doors, sliding and folding/stacking doors are all very different in design and will require a range of techniques and materials to craft.

Style and decorative detail

With endless styles, colours and moulding options to choose from, including panelled, glazed or boarded, you can create a door with the exact aesthetics you need. Take a look at these six front door styles for more ideas. The style you choose will make a big difference to the price, so it’s worth being clear about your tastes from the very beginning of the design process. Plain glazing with no panels or glazing bars is always more cost-effective as an option. Essentially, the more detail you add to your doors, the more it will cost.

The bigger the door, the higher the price

All our doors are ‘made to measure’ and designed to fit your property’s specific measurements perfectly. Getting bespoke doors made is particularly ideal if you own a period property with non-standard sized door frames, but they are still worth considering if you have common door-frame measurements. You know your home will stay warm with double draft exclusion, and with a soft, discrete close you’ll never have to worry about ill-fitting doors that require effort to open. The larger the door, the more materials and hours are needed to make them.

Our framework is 115mm thick, while the doors themselves are 68mm thick. This extra depth to our joinery allows us to create glazing bars with true depth and doors with traditional rebates rather than corner moulds. Our doors feature an integrated drainage system, which removes unsightly drainage beads and ensures longevity of the glass units.

Paint finishes – single or dual

Our clients often prefer a dual colour finish, meaning that the door is a different colour on the inside. This can add 20% to your overall joinery cost, no matter what material your door is made from. Applying two paint colours is a timely process for timber doors as it involves precise masking, as well as extra painting and drying times. We use a high-quality, water-based microporous paint to create a durable and highly protective barrier. The paint coating will protect your entrance door against weather conditions, moisture ingress, exposure to high levels of UV, and bacteria which can all affect the finish of the paint. You won’t even need to worry about repainting your joinery for at least 10-12 years, providing you wash the painted surfaces down with warm, soapy water twice a year. Find out more about premium paint products here.

Alternative glass and glazing specifications 

If you opt for a door with glass, then you’ll quickly discover that no two glazing options are the same. There are glass upgrades to suit every requirement, from additional security, acoustics and energy performance. For an ultra-efficient home, products with triple glazing, slim krypton filled units, stained glass or solar coatings will all greatly benefit your property but will have an impact on the final price. Check a door’s thermal performance by looking at its U-Value, which is also sometimes referred to as its U-Factor. Any reputable window company should be able to inform you of their product’s whole U-Value through proper performance testing. 

Ironmongery material and finish options

Ironmongery and door hardware includes everything from handles and locks to hinges. High-quality Ironmongery will feel sturdy and allow the door to open effortlessly. All our locks are set standards, so the prices generally don’t change, but many of our clients like to choose premium ironmongery. Standard ironmongery might be made from Die Cast Zinc and will have classic finishes such as polished chrome, satin chrome or polished brass. More expensive ironmongery could be bespoke and made from Brass or Bronze, for example, with non-standard finishes such as nickel, antique brass, and antique bronze. 

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