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How much does a new front door cost?

The simple answer to this question is, it depends. The cost of a new front door can vary greatly depending on factors such as material, size, design, ironmongery choices and other customisation options.

What is the cost of a new front door? Navigating the labyrinth of choices and pricing variations can be overwhelming. Afterall, you just want a new front door. This article will help you decide which front door is right for you. Here we discuss various options whether your deciding factor is based on price, design, or security we will help you find the right front door to meet your needs. 

With prices for new front doors ranging from £400 to £10,000 you may ask yourself; do I really need to spend thousands on a door when I can get one for much less, that seemingly does the same thing?!  Well, not all doors are made equal, so read on to find out which option is the best for your home.  

What variations of front door are there and how does this impact the cost?

The cost of a front door will vary greatly depending on the desired aesthetic, functionality, durability and security.

For the front entrance door to your home there are four principle materials you may wish to consider; uPVC, aluminium, composite and timber. The prices of each vary greatly, as do the characteristics and benefits, consequently the first thing you should do is decide what you need from your door.

It is worth bearing in mind that the price range we have suggested covers the majority of doors on the market, there will be price anomalies where you may find products which sit outside of this range. Our advice in this instance would be to ensure you are getting all the functionality you are expecting in terms of insulation, safety and quality standards.

Other doors may far exceed these costs, and this will likely be related to a premium brand experience, engineering and bespoke material or size requirements.

Product/ServiceBasic off-the-shelf door setsMid-range costs
uPVC Door£400£750
TimberHardwood £750£2,500
InstallFree to £1,500 

What is the cost of a new uPVC entrance door? / How much does a uPVC door cost?

uPVC front doors are the most economical type of door. A basic uPVC door will start at £400 to include a frame, threshold and ironmongery. The cost of install will be additional to this cost.

Mid-range doors sit around the £750-£1,000 mark.

In terms of security, it is deemed that uPVC doors are less secure than other styles of door so this may form part of your decision making. With that said, the gold standard for door security is the PAS24 test so as long as your choice of uPVC door meets this quality assured standard, it should offer you a good level of security.

In the past decade uPVC doors have come a long way aesthetically. There are now a wide range of colours, with some suppliers even offering a custom colour service for an additional cost. Aesthetically they come in a wide range of styles, from contemporary to traditional, but generally suit more modern houses. The more ornate the door in style, the higher the cost is likely to be.

Most uPVC doors are sold with full door sets – this means frame, threshold and ironmongery included, but installation may need to be organised separately depending on your supplier.

Optional extras such as sidelights will add to the cost, and detailed glazing and alternative ironmongery will have a further impact on cost, depending on what you choose.

What is the cost of a new aluminium entrance door? / How much does an aluminium door cost?

Aluminium is known for being one of the most sustainable materials on the planet so an aluminium door represents the ideal balance between durability, energy efficiency and a modern, contemporary finish. They need little maintenance, and a quality aluminium door should give you 45+ years of good service.

Aluminium entrance doors are often custom designed and made to order, as contemporary designed houses demand taller, wider and more impactful entrances, taking a step away from traditional front door sizes and ratios. This variation means full door sets can start from £1,100 for an off-the-shelf solution and increase to as much as £10,000 for a custom solution.

It is no surprise that a larger door will have an impact on cost but other factors such as the level of detail, material quality, engineering, technology and hardware must also be considered.

As with uPVC doors, it is possible to choose from a range of ‘standard’ colours at no additional cost. If you are looking for a particular RAL or Pantone colour, anything non-standard will mean a higher price.

What is the cost of a composite entrance door? / How much does a composite door cost?

A composite door is constructed using a combination of materials rather than being made entirely from a single material like wood or aluminium. These doors are engineered to offer the benefits of multiple materials, providing strength, durability, security, and insulation properties, with the added benefit of minimal maintenance.

The very nature of a composite door is that the inner core is manufactured from a material which provides stability and insulation. Most composite doors are part-filled with foam but some doors may be solid hardwood which give them even greater stability, but will add to the cost.

Composite doors can be expensive when compared with uPVC, and whilst wood-effect designs are available, they lack the traditional aesthetic of a true timber door.

An off-the-shelf composite entrance door will start from £500 for a basic door system. With basic hardware and frame, prices will start from around £650.

A mid-range system will range from £1,000 to £2,000.

What is the cost of a timber entrance door?

Timber is the most environmentally friendly material for use in construction, and it represents a good balance between a strong, functional and secure front door and a traditional and iconic aesthetic. With the right timber, a wooden door will need little maintenance, and a quality Accoya hardwood door should give you 50+ years. A softwood/hardwood door with the correct maintenance will be in the region of 20+ years.

A timber front door set starts from as little as £750. However, with a timber door, spending a bit more money, investing in the right quality, and selecting the right timber, is key to ensuring longevity and ensuring you are not having to continuously maintain it. For a quality Accoya hardwood timber door, which requires little maintenance, prices start from £2,500.

Timber door sets may be bought from off-the-shelf stockists, but specialist joiners are more likely to have invested in state-of-the-art technology, research and development to ensure a product is beautiful and lasts.

As there are so many variations when comparing timber doors you must ensure you compare like-for-like to get a fair gauge of price.

What is the cost of ironmongery for an entrance door?

Some doors are supplied with a standard ironmongery set but if you have the option of selecting your own there are some things you may wish to consider.

The cost of ironmongery can vary greatly, not only because of the quality, security and design but also the extent of the actual set you require. If you want a simple pull-latch this will likely be cheaper than a full set consisting of handle, letter box and knocker, for example.

Brand and quality will also affect price, a single knocker from premium supplier Gipsy Hill Hardware, or Willow & Stone, could cost over £200, whereas a simple knocker from a budget suppler may be in the region of just £10. The quality will be compromised with a lower cost option and you might find lower cost hardware doesn’t withstand the test of time aesthetically or mechanically, so you have to replace it after a short amount of time.

Security is another consideration. Many of our city-based customers put an emphasis on the need for an ultra-secure front door and so elect for the insurance approved Winkhaus/Banham lock, which is in the region of £380 for a deadbolt night-latch. Other security options can be less than £50, if security is not such a concern.

One final consideration is that not all hardware and security options will fit every door, so when ordering, check with your supplier that the combination you have chosen is a suitable pairing.

What is the cost of installing an entrance door?

Similarly to the other factors the answer to this question can vary greatly as well, due to the type of project, the style of door you select, the quality of the install and the preparation work required. So install could range anywhere from £100 to £1,500. It could even be free if you choose to install your door yourself, although we would only recommend this if you really know what you are doing.

If you are ordering a front door to replace an existing door, which most often is the case, the previous door, frame and threshold will need to be removed and some remedial works undertaken before work can even start on installing the new door.

If you have ordered a custom design and size, this should fit in to the existing aperture like a jigsaw piece, but some off-the-shelf solutions may require resizing and cutting down on site.

Furthermore, a bespoke manufactured door may have positions pre-drilled for hardware, making the install of brackets, letterboxes and such, straightforward. Other doors may require these to be located and fixed on-site, by the installer.

We advise you get a cost for the install of your new door before committing to a purchase so you can factor this into the overall budget.

What about a Westbury front door, what do they cost? / What is the cost of a Westbury Front Door?

At Westbury an emphasis is placed on delivering a premium product and solution for our customers. Through a continual process of learning and development we have designed a collection of top quality, high-security, well insulated and functional, entrance doors and joinery products.

From the timber choices, wood treatment and door thickness, to the principle behind good design, every element has been developed and refined by our experienced team, throughout our 30 year history.

So what makes a Westbury timber entrance door different from any other timber door?

We manufacture all of our doors using Accoya. Accoya undergoes a chemical process, which alters the wood’s structure to make it more dimensionally stable and resistant to decay. This process significantly enhances the wood’s durability, making it highly resistant to rot, fungi, insects, and moisture-related problems. This process stops the timber from retracting and expanding due to seasonal changes meaning it is under less stress, therefore does not stick or split, and paint finishes last longer.

Our doors are 68mm thick and we are one of the only joinery companies who manufacture  doors to this standard. This equates to nearly 3” of insulation, strength and integrity. For our glazed doors this allows us to use double glazing with a 20mm void, rather than the more commonly used 16mm, providing even greater insulation properties. In fact, if you touch one of these glass panes you will find it provides better insulation than the timber itself.

Aesthetically, the thicker door also allows us to use deeper profile glazing bars which are more robust and make the ratio between door rail and glazing bar, beautifully proportionate.

All our joinery products go through rigorous physical security testing to ensure they meet PAS24 standards, a test which determines if a door, or window can be breached by an opportunist intruder. Our doors and hardware proved so robust; they could not be breached at all.

Part of our continual process of research and development is to ensure our products give our customers the best possible user experience, from opening and closing the door, to stepping over the threshold.

All our doors give a soft-close experience thanks to their double draft-excluders, and our thresholds are specifically designed for your property, giving a seamless transition between the two environments. The threshold is manufactured from a biproduct of Mahogany, known as Frake Noir, and this is oiled, rather than stained with varnish. The timber absorbs the oil, and this means it requires less maintenance. Our draft excluders are also built into the door, rather than the threshold, as they can succumb to foot traffic over a period of time.

Our doors are priced to reflect this level of expertise, experience and continual process of learning and improvement, our joinery products have been through, to give you a superior user experience, quality and low maintenance front door.

A single entrance door from Westbury starts from £2,869 + VAT, this will include a fully painted boarded timber door, frame and threshold, pre-cut hardware fixing points and fitted ironmongery.

A part-glazed four panel door, with two sidelights, would start in the region of £5,200 + VAT.

Westbury provide a supply-only service but can provide the details of a recommended installer, on request.