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How to choose the perfect wallpaper

Wallpaper, you either love it or hate it. But you cannot deny that the endless selection of colours, textures and patterns is hugely beneficial to adding bounds of personality and self-expression in an instant.

The predicted resurgence of wallpaper in 2021 is driven by the insatiable appetite from interior enthusiasts to splash a little extra style into their homes. The choice to opt for paper over paint is down to the ability to add interesting and eye-catching repetition, patterns and textures that cannot be achieved with paint in that same way.

But seeking that perfect roll of paper can be tricky, there are a few important questions to consider that will prove crucial to your papering escapades…

The experts in creating beautiful and artisanal wallcoverings at Graham & Brown advise that the ‘first and most key element to consider when decorating your living room is the atmosphere you want to create’ explaining that setting this grounding now will help to design a space that fulfils its purpose.

Damask wallpapers

Classic and romantic rooms can be created with the addition of elegant damasks. From the traditional to the contemporary, demasks have been reinvented so often over the years that there is a variation to suit every home. 

Mixing wallpaper prints

Mixing prints can be a great way to create calming and cosy spaces that form a snug and make for excellent spaces to unwind, Gramham & Browne reccommend to ‘select colours which are easy-living and add warmth to your room’. The addition of repetitive patterns also ‘bring harmony and balance’ as well as looking aesthetically pleasing.

Wallpaper prints inspired by nature

With sustainability increasingly at the forefront of our minds, prints inspired by nature deliver a focus on wellbeing by creating a tranquil and naturalistic space. In this room, the chosen palm motif delivers a relaxed and almost tropical vibe that brings the room to life. When it comes to selecting these bold, statement prints, Graham & Brown advise ‘to position these on walls close to a natural light source such as a window to create a spacious feel in your lounge.’

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometrics can often create optical illusions with space and structure. Paring back the colour palette helps to establish more of a subtle backdrop to any space. An added metallic sheen playfully interacts with the light in the space, making the print appear and disappear as you move around the room.

Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpapers are a great option for almost any space. Whether large and maximalist prints that form theatrical murals upon the wall or smaller and more playful patterns that make spaces appear larger and more generous. Their adaptability makes them a firm favourite within print studios. ‘Bringing nature into your home and adding an organic feel can bring tranquillity whilst also creating a fun, statement feature.’

Textured Wallpaper

Opting for a subtle texture and rich earthy shades can create a space that is free-spirited and bohemian with a focus on craftsmanship and raw materials. This warm living space feels calming and serene in its simplicity.