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Ideas to inject personality into your home

From colourful armchairs to extraordinary ornaments, let these design ideas transform your home and inject a little personality into your interiors!

If you have just invested in a home renovation project or purchased a new property, then you should not hold back when it comes to the interiors! Ultimately, your unique tastes should shape your home, and the items you choose for the interior should incorporate the perfect balance between style and functionality. 

Give your home a curious flair with these astounding home decorating ideas that no one else is likely to have. From jazzing up a dining table to dressing your entrance hallway, we have found some fun ways to inject personality into every inch of your home. 

1. Create a comfortable seating area with abstract furniture

Give an unused space a purpose by adding two comfortable reading chairs to create a seating area. Smart, neutral tones on the walls and floors help to accentuate the colourful patterns on the upholstery, bringing a touch of sophistication to the space. Adding a framed piece of art on the wall helps to tie everything together. Pairing with a similarly shaped, small coffee table anchors the whole scheme into one very stylish arrangement. 

2. Create interest with unusual, natural curiosities. 

You do not have to overcrowd shelves and bookcases to make an impact; sometimes a simple display of interesting ornaments can speak volumes about your personal tastes. Magnificent pieces on display, such as these naturally beautiful crystals and geodes, can attract a lot of attention in their own right. 

The great thing about these kinds of ornaments is that they can be made to feel extra special for certain occasions without the whole display looking over the top. For example, twinkling Christmas lights or a cluster of holly can be added for a festive feel. 

3. Embrace your wild side with foraged flowers

Make the most of an elegant dining room with expansive timber windows by bringing the outside in. With a simple colour scheme of green and white, this fresh flower arrangement is so easy to create and certainly makes an impression. 

When choosing how to arrange your collected flowers, think about separating them into different vases for an individual look. Here, glass bottles and vases are decorated with laced ribbons that complement the flower’s colours. 

4. Give your bathroom a regal glow

The bathtub might be the most ordinary thing in this room, and while relatively minimal, the lighting and mosaic tiles are placed in a way that gives everything a fresh and novel feel. The illustrated map has been placed right above the bath, creating a remarkable focal point not often found in bathrooms. Warm lighting around the bath gives the whole space a soft glow, resulting in a warm and inviting space for relaxing and pampering. 

5. A large entrance hall needs an equally large feature

If you love the idea of having a remarkable entrance into your home, then consider including a larger-than-life figure that will truly make a statement. This spectacular home has a breathtaking floor-to-ceiling glazed entrance hall that is drenched in natural light. The beauty of this space lies in its large proportions, and while you may not expect to see a handsome gorilla wearing a red fez hat in a grand hallway, its size perfectly complements the ceiling height and double doors. This is eclectic style at its best! 

6. ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time’ – Thomas Merton. 

If you have a simple and elegant dining room, like this one with a classic timber roof lantern, add some personality with an extraordinary wall mural. This remarkable feature wall has been hand-painted by a local artist especially for the family, meaning that they could commission a piece that reflects their tastes. This decorating style allows you to get creative with different artistic concepts while allowing you to make the most of a large wall at the same time. 

7. Embrace a bit of glamour into your dressing room with feathers and gold

Connect with your inner prima donna by going for a paired back interior with just the right amount of glitz. This homeowner has decorated her dressing room with a rather resplendent golden tree. Sticking with a simple white and cream interior featuring elegant box sash windows, she had a blank canvas to play with. 

The tree, which if you look closely has remarkably realistic branches, adds a splash of vibrancy, whilst the white feathers seem to mimic the shape of the golden-green tree in the garden outside. 

8. Create a refined and sophisticated games room

Many people dream about having their own games room! This pool table can be enjoyed at any time of year, but teamed with a bar area and bi-folding doors which can be opened out onto the garden, its ideal for laid-back summer gatherings. With a nod to a refined, minimalist style, the room combines clean lines with herringbone floors, pendant lights and finely constructed furniture. 

9. Go for a marvellous marble bathroom

Choose from stone walls, stone floors, stone ornaments or in this client’s case, have all three! When a material is used for multiple applications in one room, it should be in a similar colour;  however, if you like mixing colours then stick to shades from the same palette. In this bathroom, a timeless box sash window with decorative glazing bars adds an additional element of glamour while letting in plenty of natural light. 

10. Take interiors to another level with clashing shades

Be bold with colour to make a big impact in a room. Stick with simple, complementary furnishings and ornaments to tie the whole look together, and then let your creativity run wild with a patterned ceiling. Although colourful, the muted pink and green shades are not overly garish, working well with the soft grey flooring. A few quirky items finish the look while retaining a laid-back feel. (Image Credit: Paper and Stitch)