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Made to measure doors

Originally a term used in tailoring, ‘made to measure’ is something that has been designed to perfectly fit specific measurements. No longer reserved for measuring seams, 'made to measure' is a term used for beautiful custom-made doors which have been expertly tailored to fit a property’s exact requirements.

If you’re renovating your property and thinking about investing in some new doors, or you’re embarking on an exciting self-build project, then you’ll be faced with a choice. You can select ready-made doors from an existing product range, perhaps online or from a product brochure, or you can decide to get them made to measure. While there are some more obvious reasons for getting made to measure doors made, for example if you have a period property with non-standard sized door frames, there is still a lot to be said for a bespoke door even if you are working to common door-frame measurements.

made to measure doors

With a made to measure timber door, you can be assured that the form and function of your project will be to the highest of standards. You avoid the disappointing risk of installing your property with ill-fitting doors, giving you confidence in your investment and assuring a long-lasting quality finish. The devil can be in the detail, and a superior door that’s been accurately crafted to the right measurements will sit comfortably in its surroundings.

There’s more to this concept than ‘simply creating a snug fit’. Doors that are made to measure will work in harmony with your property’s wall heights, appropriately balancing the amount of plastered wall space between the top door frame and ceiling height.

made to measure doors

Inward and outward opening doors always have different internal threshold heights, and by choosing a bespoke door, you’re ensuring that the threshold heights will be correct. This can be a critical factor for a mobility compliant entrance door on a new build property, ensuring that there’s no potential for any nasty trip hazards.


More than anything else, your front entrance door should work in harmony with the architectural and heritage details of your building, complementing the style and overall feel of the home while delivering a great first impression to guests and visitors. Even the property’s location and landscape are all factors that should influence the external aesthetics, including the front door.

With a made to measure entrance door, you have the opportunity to create something that’s completely unique; there are no constraints when it comes to size or style – you’re in control of the design. With endless styles, colours and moulding options to choose from, including panelled, glazed or boarded, you can create an entrance door with the exact aesthetics you need. With stocked door designs, you will always be restricted.

made to measure doors

It doesn’t simply stop at style – made to measure entrance doors will give double draft exclusion and a soft, discrete close. A bespoke design enables you to choose the right security multi-locking systems, depending on the risks of a break-in, ensuring that your door meets the highest security standards to keep your property safe.

made to measure doors

Specifiers, architects and home developers are choosing to invest in quality products and made to measure doors that have been crafted to the highest of standards are sure to satisfy the demands of those who are interested in investing in longevity and a superior fit. For more information about our bespoke service, request a brochure here.