What makes a Westbury door? - Westbury Windows and Joinery

What makes a Westbury door?


We are driven to manufacture the highest quality products that encompass the best technical and energy saving features along with traditional British architectural appearance.

Energy efficient

We take pride in our ability to offer independently tested and authorised energy saving products with excellent whole product U-Values. As standard, the frames are 115mm deep, a design feature originally mastered by Scandinavians many years ago to help protect themselves from the cold weather. The timber frames of a Westbury door are crafted with deep inside to outside profiles which enable improved thermal performance. Our door leaves are 68mm deep allowing for the incorporation of much wider choice of glazing including double, triple, or laminated glass in the same profile.


Sustainable timber
A timber door offers an exclusive look and feel, and where better to showcase this material than the entrance of a building? Westbury Joinery sources sustainable timbers including Accoya, Larch, and Redwood for all of our doors. These timbers give extremely low thermal conductivity and provide more stability and durability than the best tropical hardwoods.

The knot-free, engineered components are laminated and bonded to provide enhanced stability and strength. We only utilise hardwood where it is absolutely necessary, choosing to use Sapele for the thresholds where heavy footfall is likely.

Along with the use of these premium materials and specially formulated glues, we provide a traditional flush finish that looks stunning from both the inside and outside of the building to deliver the highest standard of finish.

Handcrafted with care
All of Westbury’s timber products, including our doors are tailor made and can be personalised to suit individual requirements and preferences, whether that be for inward or outward opening, a particular glazing bar pattern or panel design, or a specific locking system or handle, we are able to implement a wide array of designs to create a truly unique product.

Available as single entrance doors, folding sliding doors, and French doors, Westbury doors can be designed to fit virtually any specified size or style. The 68mm thick door leaves incorporate the locking mechanisms, removing the need for unattractive bolt on pieces, and delivering a stunning flush finish from all angles. Westbury preserves the crafted flush joints, sharp edges and traditional mouldings which are all too often disregarded by our contemporaries.

Toughened Glazing
The factory-fitted glass unit of a standard Westbury door is 28mm thickness (4/20/4) toughened double-glazing. It is fitted into the rebated unit in a three-part system, using glazing tape, then secured externally with a concealed fixing system behind the beading and lastly, the external perimeter is sealed permanently with silicone.

This glass is toughened to result in a finish that is four times stronger than regular glass. A low-emissivity coating is applied to the glazing which considerably reduces heat transfer. We also offer options to upgrade the glass type depending on acoustic, security, energy, solar/heat reduction or privacy requirements.

Built to Perform
Westbury doors are tested by an independent third party UKAS accredited test centre to current British and European Standards. This ensures that every product performs to meet and even exceed the demands of modern day acoustic, weather, and security building regulations. You can see the results of these tests here. Westbury doors, like our windows, are extremely robust and comply with the Part Q security building regulations relating to the prevention of unauthorised access.

Whether you are working on a new build project or refurbishing a period property, we can supply bespoke timber doors in a style and finish that meets the needs of your project.