Meet the team: Workshop team leaders - Westbury Windows and Joinery

Meet the team: Workshop team leaders

Meet the Team. Here we discuss with the factory team leaders about their time at Westbury

What is your job title?

Darren (Image Left): Mill Manager

Matt (Image Right): Team Leader

Steve-O: Team Leader

How long have you been working at Westbury?

Darren: Four years

Matt: 18 years

Steve-O: 12 years

What does your job involve, and who do you work closely with?

Darren: The jobs all start in the mill; I am in charge of managing the order of projects and the cutting and machining schedules. This includes managing the flow of work through our two stats-of-the-art wood cutting machines: the Conturex and multi-axis CNC machine.

As the starting point of each project is with me, I work closely with everyone at Westbury; the designers, the project managers, the build team, and of course everyone in the factory, so that we can ensure what is being designed can be made, put together and fit with the customers expectations and lifestyle.

Matt: I’m in charge of the day-to-day running of the joinery shop and spray shop, as well as deliveries, making sure that the cut pieces from the mill are assembled and finished to our exacting standards before being sent out.

Steve-O: Quality control and ensuring deliveries are correct are my remit.

Each day might be different, but on a typical day what might you be doing?

Darren: Each day I will have a team meeting first thing, to plan the days work and make sure that everyone knows what needs to be done and what the schedule is. The tasks I might be carrying out each day vary; sometimes I might be on the machines checking paperwork, or managing cutting jobs… At the moment I am working on a new product, managing it through the mill and tooling up the machines with new soft- and hard-ware in order to produce it.

Matt: Generally I will be managing the joinery and spray teams, scheduling and allocating jobs as projects come in. There is always an element of problem solving, which keeps things interesting!

Steve-O: On a typical day I’ll be checking the glass in the stores to make sure it’s suitable for the jobs we’re doing that day/week, and assisting the rest of the team with getting things ready for fitting. Then I’ll help load up the vans and often go to site to fit the windows.

What aspects of your job / working at Westbury do you most enjoy?

Darren: I enjoy the challenges of new projects, as it’s an opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge. Also everyone at Westbury works well together; it makes each day enjoyable.

Matt: Managing people is one of the aspects I enjoy most, along with going to site. It’s always nice to meet the customers whose dream you’re making.

Steve-O: I get a great deal of satisfaction from the job, which means I enjoy every day.

What has been your strangest / most unusual customer request?

Darren: On one of our international projects the customer requested a round lantern and a round end-bed.

A little bit of background about you – what is your work/study history before you joined Westbury?

Darren: Before Westbury I worked in the mill at another company, ordering timber for production. I was there for 27 years!

Matt: I started my career at Westbury – and I’m still going strong.

Steve-O: I came straight to Westbury from school, and liked it so much I’ve stayed!

What’s your favourite Westbury project and why?

Darren: I love working on the Conturex machine so any new tools or different projects which push and expand my knowledge are always favourites.

Matt: Newport City Council; it had two huge glazed roofs – probably the biggest I have worked on.

Steve-O: My favourite job was also the Newport City Council; it was a huge project and really fun to build.

Can you think of a highlight (or two) of your time at the company?

Darren: Being promoted to manage the mill is definitely one, and welcoming in new members and helping them find their feet is very rewarding. Also when the whole team goes out on social events it’s always fun.

Steve-O: Being promoted is definitely one of my highlights, plus I always enjoy the occasions when we get to spend time with the office team.

What do you like most about Westbury / what do you think sets Westbury above competitors?

Darren: Not only are the products we make the best in the industry, the machines are state-of-the-art and that definitely means we have more design scope and can produce a higher quality finish than we might otherwise. In addition, as a company we’re always looking to improve which means we’re always learning and growing, not resting on our laurels.

Matt: Without a doubt it’s our products; they are industry-leading

Steve-O: The team atmosphere is what I like best, as well as the interesting projects we get.

What’s your favourite building / piece of architecture and why?

Darren: I love the buildings in Rome; they have so much history and it’s amazing that they are still standing proud for all to see. Some of my favourites are the Vatican, the Archbasilica and the Colosseum.

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