Our Top 10 blogs from 2020 - Westbury Windows and Joinery

Our Top 10 blogs from 2020

Although most of us would like to put 2020 firmly behind us, we’ve been taking a look back over all the trends we explored, projects we completed and blog posts we wrote, despite the global pandemic! Here’s a roundup of our most popular blog posts from 2020…

1. Top 10 self-build and renovation Instagram accounts

Are you looking to redo your home? Follow some of the most sensational self-build and renovation accounts on Instagram! Get great ideas and advice while following others as they embark on their own property development projects. We have gathered ten inspiring profiles for you to discover!

2. What are the benefits of a glass roof in an extension?

A stunning architectural feature designed to flood your home with natural light whilst making a style statement at the same time – a glass roof in an extension makes all the difference to your new space! Discover the benefits of having a glass roof lantern in your home in our latest blog post…

3. Our guide to glazing: windows, doors and roof lanterns

Glass has to be among the most serviceable and diverse construction materials we have available to us. It also happens to be one of the most resplendent. We explain the ins and outs of this timeless material and show you how to choose the right glazing options for your home.

4. Going Green: The MET Tirana

The need for green spaces in urban environments is becoming ever more apparent in modern-day architecture. In the heart of Tirana, Albania’s capital city, a proposed 12-storey residential and mixed-use building designed by Mario Cucinella Architects is set to liven things up a bit!

5. Things to check when comparing your window quotes

If you have requested quotes from a number of window suppliers, you might be concerned about why all the prices are all so different. Surely, they should be the same, if everyone is quoting for the same job. Why might there be differences in the prices you have received?

6. Connecting your home and garden seamlessly with bi-fold doors

Sometimes it is the simple, effortless updates that can completely transform the look and feel of your home. We explain how a beautifully crafted timber bi-fold doors can do just that, no matter what style of property you own.

7. Home Décor Trends: Brass and bronze ironmongery are on the rise

In recent years we’ve seen an unexpected increase in demand for brass and bronze door handles – and it’s all down to the material’s antibacterial properties.bronze door handles

8. Discover the thermal performance of our timber windows

Timber windows can be a great asset to your home. They look timeless and elegant, and the natural light and ventilation they let in can dramatically improve your quality of life. However, what about the thermal performance of a timber window?

9. What type of windows are best for your home?

Windows play a substantial role in the overall aesthetic of a home and typically help to define the character of the property.


10. How to elevate your property to give it elegance and character

Sometimes, upgrading your home’s kerb appeal can be all it takes to transform your property and make it feel extra special. Here’s our guide to the best ways you can improve the look and feel of your home on the outside.