Spotlight edit: Paint colours - Westbury Windows and Joinery

Spotlight edit: Paint colours

A lick of paint is the most effective way to freshen up your home’s exterior, but you don’t have to stick to white – choosing alternative shades adds personality and instant style

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Essex countryside, our showroom features a display of our paint shades for customers to browse. From neutral creams and olives to dark blues and blacks, our collection of colours demonstrated just how many options there are to choose from.

Colour can have a considerable impact on the look of your property’s exterior. After all, we’re all drawn to streets in cities and country towns with front doors and windows painted in different colours, rather than beige or white. Our front doors and windows are a blank canvass, a chance to be creative and select colours that might be a little more adventurous or might better complement the exterior walls and surrounding landscape.

White paint has long been a popular choice over darker shades for timber joinery because it is less likely to fade or show the signs of deterioration over time. Black painted windows, for example, absorb more heat from sunlight and therefore has a higher risk of movement and cracking. We’ve spent years developing the right approach to painting timber joinery. With our knowledge and expertise, our clients are free to choose any colour they like without worrying about longevity or high maintenance costs. The secret to a long-lasting paint finish lies with the use of ‘the right kind of paint’ and ‘the right kind of timber’.

We’ve put together a collection of some of our most popular paint colours for timber joinery and doors:

Westbury Black

‘Westbury Black’ offers a sophisticated feel to a property. Black is not a colour, it is an absence of colour, but it certainly stands out and has an impact. Our ‘Westbury Black’ paint colour lends itself well to red brick houses and modern properties.  

Stiffkey Blue

A cool French blue that gives your home personality and style. Packs a punch when combined with red-brick properties, but looks clean and crisp when teamed with paler tones like white and cream.   


Westbury’s paint colour ‘Pebble’ is a sea-grey light shade that softens and lightens. It’s an ideal shade to use when a brilliant white is too strong. The neutral tones of Pebble make it a highly versatile shade. It was the perfect choice for this beach house, effortlessly echoing the surrounding coastal landscape.

Strong Limewash

A creamy ecru shade with cooler undertones that works beautifully with polished chrome ironmongery. The perfect pale colour that complements bolder, brighter hues to make an impact, but also looks effortless when combined with other cool, pale tones.


Granite is the perfect dark grey, making this paint shade a beautiful alternative when black might be too overbearing. It’s the ideal choice for this traditional Essex red-brick barn new build, where the client wanted a contemporary, modern colour to contrast with the classic form of his property. Looks very smart with brass ironmongery.  

The right kind of timber

We always use engineered wood with an external layer of Accoya® to ensure durability and longevity. The excellent strength and durability of Accoya® make it a remarkable timber material which is easy to work with and low maintenance. It is reliable and robust and does not shrink or swell, meaning that the joints, panes and frames keep their perfect fit. Accoya doors and windows always open and close effortlessly and are naturally insulating. Furthermore, Accoya is a modified wood made from fast-growing, sustainable FSC® or PEFC™ Radiata pine and is carbon neutral throughout its entire life cycle. 

The right kind of paint

Set up in 1984 from a renovated hen house in Finland, Teknos is a family-run business that makes environmentally friendly, water-based microporous paint systems. They use high-quality raw materials during the manufacturing process, which results in a high-performing paint product with a high solids content. Sustainability takes a predominant role across their operations and supply chain, and the paint products have no or low VOC content. 

We spray-apply our joinery with three coats of Teknos paint here in our workshops. As the water in the paint evaporates, it leaves the joinery with a flawless, protective layer of colour that shields the timber from UV exposure, weather conditions and fungal damage.

How long can these doors and windows last?

Providing the door and window frames are given a gentle wash down with soapy water on a biannual basis to remove any organisms on the surface, the paint will stay smooth and crack-free for up to 12 years before they need repainting. By combining Accoya® and Teknos paint, your joinery frames will last for 50 years or more.

Selecting a shade for your doors and windows can be a fun experience, and we recommend that you spend time thinking about what you want and what will suit your property. If you’re investing in quality, then you want to be confident in your decision and not just opt for a safe, bland shade. 

For more information about our doors, windows and paint, or to arrange a visit to our showrooms, contact the team or download a brochure here.