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Popular Front Door Colour Ideas for 2024

The front door is the first thing that visitors see when they arrive at your home, so it makes sense that you’d want it to make a great first impression. Making you feel secure, and your guests feel welcome, your front door should be sturdy, elegant and provide flawless functionality.

Selecting a colour for your entrance door can be a vital decision during a home build or renovation. You may consider questions such as:

  • What is the best colour for a front door?
  • What do front door colours mean?
  • What are the most popular colours for front doors in 2024?
  • How do I pick the best front door colour for my home?

Well, we are here to help guide you through these questions and give you a helping in hand in choosing the right front door colour to reflect your home and personality. Take a read though our guide to find out more about popular front door colours for 2024.

1. Classic Black

Paint finish: Westbury Black by Westbury

Westbury Black is a strong and uncomplicated colour that looks flawless in all lights. Named after the dark sticky residue of coal tar often used in roofing, this deep black has an unmistakable intensity and a smooth, sharp finish. Pair your black front door with Westbury white sidelights to create a modern, monochrome scheme.

What does a black front door mean? A black front door is a symbol of opportunity, power and sophistication. In the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, black symbolises water – traditionally connected to stillness and wealth.

2. Rich Red

Paint finish: Rectory Red by Farrow & Ball

As a colour often linked with prosperity and good fortune, this rich, clean red is a colour created by Farrow & Ball and named after the charming village houses built over the years for the clergy. Rectory Red gives a sophisticated and cheerful feel, providing a warm and welcoming entrance to your home. 

What does a red front door mean? A red front door shows that you want to stand out from the crowd and that the homeowner is passionate, energetic and driven. In American history a red front door indicated that travellers were welcome whilst in Scotland a red door is a sign that you have paid off your mortgage and are out of the red!

3. Intense Dark Green

Paint finish: Carriage Green by Farrow & Ball

This intense dark green hue by Farrow & Ball provides a very sophisticated finish for front doors, especially in high-shine full gloss.  This 3-panel door is paired with a crisp Westbury White frame, polished chrome ironmongery and a circular glazing bar design to the fixed fanlight.

What does a green front door mean? The principles of Feng Shui recommend that you paint with green if your home faces east. As a calm and relaxing colour, a green front door often reflects safety and peace. It shows that the homeowner has a connection to nature and has traditional family values.

4. Bright & Bold Orange

Paint Finish: Marigold by Little Greene

This bright & bold orange door is finished in the shade Marigold by Little Greene. It is a new spice colour introduced into England in the 1970s when orange and brown colour schemes were hugely popular. This vertical boarded entrance door with glazed top panel is a great choice to add a pop of colour to your home.

What does an orange front door mean? Whilst not a traditional choice for an entrance door an orange front door promotes joyful optimism and enthusiasm. It says to your guests that you are refreshing and fun and don’t take life too seriously. Guests will certainly be excited to be invited to a gathering at your lively home!

5. Pretty In Pink

Paint finish : Farrow & Ball Nancy’s Blushes

This pretty pink front door is finished in the shade Nancy’s Blushes by Farrow & Ball and is named after the scrumptious rosy cheeks of a much-loved little girl called Nancy. This 5-panel entrance door is teamed with frosted glass sidelights and fanlight and brushed gold ironmongery.

What does a pink from door mean? Choosing to paint your front door pink is certainly a daring choice. As well as adding a touch of sweetness to your home, pink is a sign of romance, generosity, youth and playfulness. With a pink front door, your guests will know that you a spirited person who loves to live life, just a little on the edge.

6. Warm Grey

Paint Finish: Morris Grey by Westbury

Named after a Westbury office dog Morris, with a coat of the same colour, this muted warm grey is a lovely neutral choice for your front door. This six-panel front door with glazed sidelights has a heritage profile and a raised and fielded panel design. The ironmongery choices perfectly complement the colour with an oil ribbed bronze door knocker and pull and a heritage brass letterplate.

7. Nature’s Slate Grey

Paint finish : Slate by Westbury

A simply stunning mid-shade grey our deep ‘Slate’ shade is inspired by nature. Slate is reminiscent of the naturally occurring stone used extensively to roof our homes and keep them waterproof.

This 6-panel door and glazed sidelights is set back beautifully in this brick-built porch to give a stylish and welcoming entrance to this home.

8. Natural Light Grey

Paint finish : New Salt Stone by Westbury

This classic light grey is reminiscent of an elegant 18th century Swedish colour. A modern neutral grey with subtle blue undertones, New Salt Stone adds a contemporary touch and sense of class to your entrance door. This unique 6-panel arched door and frame is beautifully designed to complement the architecture of the entrance to this Edwardian home.

Satin chrome ironmongery and a top security Banham lock finish this front door perfectly.

What does grey front door mean? A grey front door emulates sophistication and is associated with people who are sincere, calm and balanced. Your home is likely to be modern, smart and stylish with all the latest technologies. A home people love to visit for interior design ideas.

9. Cheerful Yellow

Paint finish: Farrow & Ball Babouche

This vintage style entrance door is finished in the colour Babouche by Farrow & Ball which takes its name from the distinctive colour of the leather slippers worn by men in Morocco. It provides a cheerful brightness to any entrance.

What does a yellow front door mean? A yellow front door is home to those who are positive, upbeat and optimistic. Choosing such a bold and bright colour will for your entrance will likely follow though the theme for the rest of your home. Your bubbly personality will be reflected in artwork, ornaments and vibrant pops of colour throughout your welcoming home.

10. Pure White

Paint Finish: Westbury White by Westbury

One of our most popular shades is the classic Westbury White. Though it’s known as a pure white, this colour is actually not 100% pure white. A slight amount of pigment is added to the base. Westbury White is in fact more of an off-white shade. It is a popular colour for windows and doors as it is much less bright than standard 100% white, it easily adds a warmer feeling to your joinery.

This classic four panel door with frosted glass sidelights is paired with chrome ironmongery for a crisp clean finish.

What does a white front door mean? White stands for pure and clean, but it also brings peace and balance to a home. With a white front door, yours is a home without drama, clutter or dirt. Cleanliness and organisation are key in your home.

11. Rich Blue-Green

Paint finish : Tea with Florence by Little Greene

A rich blue-green paint shade from the National Trust archives is seen here by the Little Greene paint company. The shade ‘Tea with Florence’ was inspired by Claydon House in Buckinghamshire, which was regularly frequented by Florence Nightingale, joining her sister for tea in the Chinese room of a similar shade.  

This Victorian style door is beautifully finished with unique stained glass feature panels and antique brass ironmongery. 

12. Deep Blue

Paint finish : Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

This strong blue by Farrow & Ball takes its name from the fantastically coloured woodwork much used by the Dutch. The green undertones of this timeless, deep and dramatic blue means it sits as happily outside as it does in small dark rooms.

This 4 panel dual colour door was specified in the colour Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball for the exterior finish and Westbury White for the interior finish. Leaded light specialists Tenby and Penny designed and crafted the authentic stained-glass units in both the door and sidelights, making for a truly unique entrance door.

Hague Blue Westbury Front Door

13. Lavish Light Blue

Paint finish : Farrow & Ball Barrow Blue

Another Farrow & Ball favourite is Barrow Blue. This variable blue-grey, reminiscent of faded gardeners’ overalls, feels delightfully grounded. This 4-panel front door is teamed with antique brass ironmongery and glazed sidelights.

What does blue front door mean? Shades of blue front doors are the most popular in the UK.  They have a very soothing quality, representing trust, calmness and balance. A bright blue door, such as ‘Tea with Florence’ shows the homeowner has a fun and playful side.

A deep blue or navy such as Hague Blue suggests the homeowner is well-ordered, stylish and has a tranquil side. A light blue front door gives a relaxed and casual vibe, ideal for beach and costal homes, looking for peace and quiet in their surroundings.

Westbury Front Door in Barrow Blue

14. A Winning Bronze

Paint finish : Roman Bronze by Westbury

Our Westbury Roman Bronze is inspired by the natural colour of ancient roman artefacts, a dark brown with the subtlest red undertone. The Romans have been producing bronze statues, coins, tools dating back thousands of years. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin and is, by nature, an incredibly dark brown shade with just the slight detectable hint of red. This 6-panel front door is finished with polished chrome ironmongery.

What does a bronze front door mean? A bronze or brown front door exudes wealth and elegance. As a homeowner with a brown or bronze front door you are down-to-earth, practical and reliable with a strong work ethic. A light brown door creates a sense a warmth and stability. 

Westbury Front door painted in Roman Bronze

What makes a Westbury door unique?

  1. Westbury Front doors are factory finished with 3 coast of Teknos paint. The paint that coats our timber front doors is of vital importance. The technology that goes into modern paints means that when applied correctly, these will add years your door, meaning you will not need to repaint for 12 years or more. Find out more about our paint performance.
  2. Westbury front doors are manufactured using Accoya. Accoya undergoes a chemical process, which alters the wood’s structure to make it more dimensionally stable and resistant to decay. This process significantly enhances the wood’s durability, making it highly resistant to rot, fungi, insects, and moisture-related problems. This process stops the timber from retracting and expanding due to seasonal changes meaning it is under less stress, therefore does not stick or split, and paint finishes last longer.
  3. Our doors are 68mm thick. This equates to nearly 3” of insulation, strength and integrity. For our glazed doors this allows us to use double glazing with a 20mm void, rather than the more commonly used 16mm, providing even greater insulation properties. In fact, if you touch one of these glass panes you will find it provides better insulation than the timber itself.
  4. Our doors are all PAS24 tested. All our joinery products go through rigorous physical security testing to ensure they meet PAS24 standards, a test which determines if a door, or window can be breached by an opportunist intruder. Our doors and hardware proved so robust; they could not be breached at all.

If you’d like to know more about the cost of a new front door and the various options available take a look at our helpful pots: How much does a new front door cost?