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Quality paint for quality joinery

We believe that true quality is achieved by paying attention to all of those subtle details, and we never cut corners on anything when it comes to our timber doors and windows. By using a high performance paint, we ensure that our products have a durable and long-lasting finish that won’t swell or move.

We draw on over 25 years of experience to craft the finest doors and windows for our clients, who understand that choosing the premium option is an investment worth making for highly functional designs and an immaculate finish that lasts for years to come. For us, quality is about getting everything right, from our architecturally-led designs down to the last lick of paint.

Bay Casement Windows

We use Teknos, the best paint system available on the market, and when applied in the right way your windows and doors can be guaranteed for up to ten years before they will need repainting.

By applying a water-based microporous paint, our timber doors and windows have an extremely durable and highly protective barrier against weather conditions, moisture ingress, exposure to high levels of UV and bacteria. This substantial protection ensures an immaculate finish that will last for years to come.

It’s all in the application

In our factory, we pre-sand our products which are then sprayed for a full finish, as this is approximately four times thicker and more effective than a brush-painted layer. Three coats are applied with de-nib between coats which should result in a layer measuring 180 microns – and yes, we absolutely do check this because it results in a superior paint finish and optimum protection.

Paint sprayer in Westbury factory

Mainly made up of water and plastic, after application the water in the paint evaporates, leaving behind a highly durable and flawless layer of colour. Our customers don’t have to regularly sand down and prime their windows and doors before repainting. What’s more, our paints are environmentally friendly with VOC levels significantly below current and proposed legislative levels and are free of all heavy metal additives. They are exceptionally ‘clean’ so there is no need to use harsh white spirit to wash your brushes after painting.

A fresh take on colour

Ward off the risk of dull or boring doors and windows by opting for a beautiful and unique shade. Our paint contains far more pigments than standard high street brands, resulting in an intense and vibrant colour that won’t fade.

Top hung casement window

Think about the overall style that you want your home to have and choose from either complementary or contrasting shades, with a focus on enhancing depth and shadows to draw the eye.

Inspired by the latest trends in architecture and garden design, Westbury’s palette of paint colours includes warm and crisp whites, right through to greys and blacks.

6-panel entrance door and sidelights

Darker colours are certainly making a comeback and are becoming a very popular choice for windows and doors. It’s no surprise as they make a show-stopping feature to any house. While black paint used to peel and crack if it was likely to have a high exposure to the sun due to heat absorption, choosing the right kind of paint means that a quality finish can be maintained for years to come. So you don’t have to feel confined to whites or magnolias, you can truly embrace the dark side and make your home stand out!

Minimal maintenance…

Westbury recommend a simple washing down of paintwork twice a year to keep it clear of organisms, and to touch in any areas of damage with end grain sealer as soon as they occur to stop moisture ingress. For more information about our doors, windows and paint, feel free to contact the team or download a brochure here.