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Before-and-after replacement windows for period property

See how new windows have transformed this incredible period property – while still complementing the building’s original style!

Online yoga classes, home schooling and… new windows! Are you hoping to embrace this period of change as an opportunity to finally get stuck into that renovation job? You are not alone! With everyone spending more time at home, plenty of homeowners are using this time to consider some home renovation projects. 

If you live in a period home, replacement windows are an obvious way to transform the look and feel of your property, both inside and out. In older buildings, windows tend to be in bad condition with poor energy efficiency, rotten timber frames and even broken glass. From shrinkage to condensation and peeling paint, all sorts of issues can reveal themselves over time. To protect your home’s authentic style, consider replicating the original window design. Having a like-for-like replacement could be a requirement if you live in a listed building or have stricter planning permission rules. 

Many older buildings have timber sash windows, which have a timeless, traditional aesthetic.  A well-designed sash window is perfect if you live in a conservation area because of their heritage design and classic sightlines. You can find out more about our high-quality timber sash windows here. Sash windows consist of two sashes sitting in front of each other, which slide up and down. They are available as pre-tensioned spring balanced windows, or as traditional nylon cord and lead weight windows. 

At Westbury Windows and Joinery, we go one step further. Our legacy sash windows are designed with thinner frames, sash and glass sections to give a finer, elegant style. They perfectly complement the look and feel of a period building while performing to modern standards. 

Avoid chunky double-glazing products

Although double-glazing windows are a universal favourite, they may not be the most appropriate option for period properties, with thicker windows looking unseemly and misplaced. Having a historic house does not mean you have to miss the benefits of new windows, and our ‘Classique’ double-glazing is an excellent option. The panes are 16mm thick, which is considerably thinner than standard double-glazing, and gives the appearance of a single glazed unit. 

We fill the gap between the glass with krypton gas instead of argon gas, as krypton acts as a better insulator in smaller spaces. The krypton reduces the heat conduction between the two panes, meaning that they keep heat in during the winter and sunshine out during the summer. Classique double-glazing is an excellent solution for when you want to replicate a traditional appearance. 

Choose beautiful timber windows

If you want to imitate the heritage style of your home’s original features, opt for timber windows rather than uPVC, which can look out of place in a historic home. Do not worry, we know that timber does not have the best reputation when it comes to windows, but providing they are made from the right kind of wood, they will look beautiful for years to come. 

All our windows are crafted from Accoya® – an engineered timber made from fast growing, abundantly available, FSC® or PEFC™ certified trees such as Radiata pine. Although it starts as a softwood, Accoya® goes through a process that makes it sturdy and durable, so your joinery will not twist over time. If made well, Accoya® windows will always open smoothly, with no swelling or catching. What’s more, they have fantastic thermal insulation and require less maintenance. 

Replacement casement windows for period property

After purchasing this run down period building, the owners hoped to completely refurbish the whole building and install new doors and windows throughout. They wanted to transform the property to make it their own, but it was important that they kept its original character. 

We replaced the windows in the same style and design as the originals, which had a wonderful lead design instead of glazing bars. All of the windows throughout the first floor of the property were legacy sash windows, so we made like-for-like replacements. To the left side of the property, we fitted fully opening French casement windows into two first floor bays. Directly under these on the ground floor, we included spectacular French casement windows with a lower decorative bolection panel. While these windows look like doors, they have no handles, and swing open like a window. French casements were once very traditional ground floor windows in grand homes, but became a rarity once French doors became more popular. 

One of the most impressive features is the two-storey glazed screen, which creates a dramatic and unique entrance hallway. This bespoke window makes a statement and commands attention. We manufactured the screen in engineered, sustainably sourced oak, which we painted in Westbury Black with oak stained interiors to match the hallway floor. We constructed double doors on the ground floor with engineered v-grooved vertically boarded panels. To encourage as much light into the hall as possible and ensure a wider sightline from inside, we directly glazed the individual panels on-site, making more glazing visible. We used antique led in the glazing, to ensure the dark-coloured detailing will not fade.

Westbury Windows and Joinery specialise in crafting bespoke timber windows, entrance doors and roof lanterns. Every product is made from the finest quality sustainable timber, and makes a beautiful addition to the modern home. If you have a project in mind, get in touch with our team today, and we will be happy to offer our expert advice.