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Upgrade your home with these smart gadgets

Nothing embodies innovation more than the technology market, which is constantly changing and developing new ideas that make our lives better. Here is a selection of our favourite gadgets to upgrade your home, improve your lifestyle, and save you time…

Tech gadgets can do everything imaginable these days, from cleaning our homes and watering our plants to helping our kids with their homework and giving us a better night’s sleep. 

However, with so many options on the market, upgrading and modernising your home from scratch can seem a little daunting so it is worth initially investing in an integrated smart home system first. Embarking on having a digital home initially requires you to choose from one of the main voice command assistants, either Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri. 

Once you have your smart speakers installed and connected around your home, the digital opportunities are endless. From smartphone controlled light bulbs and music speakers to home security systems, you can align a wide range of functions throughout your home. 

Bugatti’s ‘Noun’ smart cooking appliance – £1,849 from Harrods

smart gadget - noun, the revolutionary cooking tool

Noun is a revolutionary cooking tool that gives a new, healthy approach to cooking. Made from a special transparent ceramic glass with a high-resistant semiconductor, it cooks using infrared rays by setting the heat temperature. 

You can cook meat, bread, fish, and vegetables with enhanced flavours and preserved nutritional properties. Temperatures and cooking times can be controlled with your phone using the B Chef app. No meal is too big or small – you can even use this clever device to toast a bagel. 

Samsung ‘Family Hum Multi-door Fridge Freezer’ – £3,419

Smart gadgets - pen fridge full of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy food background, organic nutrition, health care, dieting concept

Naturally, we were drawn to this because of the ‘French door’ influence, but once we explored this tech-filled smart fridge freezer in more detail we were impressed with the thought and consideration that has gone into the design.  

It does some amazing things that will change the way you shop and store food forever. When you take something out of your fridge and close the door, it takes a snapshot of the inside which links up to your smartphone – so wherever you are, you can see what you’ve got at home instead of purchasing something from the shops that you don’t need. It also tracks expiry dates and helps you to create shopping lists. 

Temperatures can be changed in different sections of the fridge depending on what you are storing, with separate air-flows to manage optimum temperatures. You can connect it to your Samsung TV or watch video content online, so you can follow cooking recipes or keep your kids entertained while you get dinner ready. 

Watervue 32” ‘Bathroom Smart Mirror TV’ – £1,035

Bath time will never be the same again with this Bathroom Smart Mirror TV. Sit back and relax in the tub while catching up with your favourite box set or the latest film on Netflix. You can also listen to music, stream podcasts, or browse YouTube. 

The mirror’s clever, slim design lets it sit flush to your bathroom tiles, and has a full HD LED panel with fully treated glass front. Don’t worry; you won’t need to worry about wiping the glass with its mist-free design. When you’re done, it goes back to looking like a regular bathroom mirror. 

Falmec’s ‘Bellaria Purifier’ – £849

smart gadgets for the home - Bellaria Purifier lamp purifies the air while functioning as a stylish Murano glass lamp also purifies the air

Time for a little breathing space! The Bellaria Purifier lamp purifies the air while functioning as a stylish Murano glass lamp. 

The design combines two solutions into one hard-working gadget, its active ionisation system silently purifies the air in your home and thanks to the dust filter, it eliminates harmful substances in your environment. The sensor analyses the air’s quality and can switch itself on when the quality of the atmosphere reduces. 

Devialet’s ‘Gold Phantom OPÉRA DE PARIS’ – £2,690

Devialet has a range of Phantom sound speakers to choose from but the Gold Opera de Paris is their ultimate model. ‘It needs to be heard by your own ears in order to be believed,’ says Ubergizmo. The main thing you need to know is that these speakers are incredibly powerful, as loud as a rock concert no less. Great for garden parties!

Its futuristic style has a titanium speaker at the front, which produces very accurate sound. It synchronises to the app through your Wi-Fi, so you can control the speakers on your smartphone system.  

Barisieur’s ‘Coffee and Tea Brewer Alarm’ in walnut – £399 from Selfridges

smart gadgets for the home - coffee making alarm clock

This cool coffee making alarm clock will introduce a completely new way to start your mornings. Now you can wake up to the invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee or tea at your chosen time, and enjoy your favourite hot drink first thing. 

Before going to bed, make sure the machine has enough water and is set up and ready to go. Set your alarm time and request which drink you would like to have when you wake up. Adopting this nightly routine can help you to get a better night’s sleep, while the morning process engages your senses to help you wake up in a gentle way.