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The return of the timber Sash Window

The Sash Window is back, getting the seal of approval from our clients who seem to be coveting the grandeur of the Georgian and Victorian aesthetic! We're currently getting plenty of requests for these elegant windows, so let's take a look at the style in more detail…

When it comes to effortless style, nothing beats a beautifully crafted timber Sash Window. With the demand for eco-friendly, longer-lasting doors and windows increasing, homeowners are distinctly opting for classic window designs with a timeless appeal, rather than investing in contemporary trends. 

Lockdown forced everyone to spend considerably more time at home, and it seems like homeowners took the opportunity to pause and actually and take notice of their property. Following months of home-schooling and working from home, people used their rooms around the house in new ways, and windows and doors were suddenly required to open and close in ways they weren’t before. Inevitably, people had the time to identify parts of their homes that required upgrading, and now it seems that no other window entirely embodies our need for effortless elegance quite like the Sash Window.

What are Sash Windows?

Sash windows blur the lines between style and functionality with their classic detailing and high-performing design. Two sashes make up the window, with one sitting in front of the other, and they should slide open with a smooth movement using either classic weights and cords or a modern pre-tensioned spring balance. The sashes are kept in place by internally moulded staff beads, which are the detailed trim that frames your sash box. 

We finish every sash window with decorative sash horns, which is a standard feature for this style and is usually external, however in Scotland, they are internal features. Window cills can be timber but will often have a sub cill sitting on a stone cill, depending on the style of your property. The windows also include a concealed trickle vent which helps to maintain ventilation and deep moulded lamb’s tongue profiles with 21 mm glazing bars.

Sash Windows for period homes

How to transform your property with one change? Install Sash Windows, and you’ll feel like you have a grand and sumptuous residence. During the Georgian period, people would consider Sash Windows to be a highly expensive product, and were a sign of prestige and status. Traditionally, Box Sash Windows are opened using classic lead weights, pulleys and nylon chords. These weights are housed in a ‘box’ created by liners, which counterbalances the top and bottom sashes on each side, both internally and externally.

They are still highly popular to this day, especially with those who have lovely, big period homes. If you own a period property and love the idea of having authentic windows, then these still work well and can boast exceptional security, thermal and acoustic performance. If your property still has original glass windows and you are looking to replace the old, draughty, single-glazed elements with a like-for-like window, then consider our legacy double glazed designs. These have thinner frames, sash and glass sections, so they look authentic but work like any other modern double-glazed window.

Sash Windows for new builds

Sash Windows can also work well for new build properties, and we suggest opting for pre-tensioned, spring balanced Sash Windows for more contemporary homes. Spring Balanced Sash Windows are the modern-day alternative to the classic box sash window, with a spring-loaded mechanism rather than traditional pulleys, cords, and weights. They are ideal for new-build properties where the architect has specified a flush reveal. Houses built in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s don’t suit Sash Windows as much, but it does depend on each property. By the nature of their design, these windows are always taller than they are wide, so providing they suit the proportions of your property then they will still look spectacular.

Timber Sash Windows with exceptional longevity

We craft all our Sash Windows from Accoya®, an engineered timber which has revolutionised the market. It is a non-toxic, 100% recyclable wood and Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified, meaning it is entirely carbon-neutral throughout its lifecycle. Made only from a sustainable, fast-growing and renewable tree species, the timber goes through an environmentally safe chemical process which makes it exceptionally stable and robust. 

Accoya® is exceptionally strong and durable, and most importantly, it is virtually rot-proof – making it the ideal material for doors and windows. The wood will not shrink or swell with the changing of the seasons, which means that your Sash Window frames won’t move or alter over time. In addition to the Accoya®, we use high-quality microporous paint from Teknos, which is spray-applied in our factory and created a protective barrier for the timber underneath. The windows stay smooth and crack-free for up to 12 years before they need repainting, and the window frames will last for decades to come with minimal upkeep. 

Our bespoke timber sash windows will bring a unique look to a property, with their period authenticity and traditional sightlines. For more information about our doors and windows, or to arrange a visit to our showrooms, contact the team or download a brochure here.