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How much does a bespoke timber window cost?

We’re often asked about the price of our timber windows, but when it comes to choosing new windows for your home, focusing on the initial cost can be a moot point. Our windows have a lifespan of up to 50 years, so you’ll need to consider the long-term investment you are making for your property.

Whether you’re renovating your property or building your dream home from scratch, your new windows are likely to be a key cost consideration when you start looking at your budgets. We’ve always said that our clients need to consider high-quality timber windows as a long-term investment because of their exceptionally long lifespan and their minimal maintenance needs. Still, their outstanding thermal benefits also need to be taken into account too as you’ll need less energy to heat your home. 

So, how much does a new timber window cost? At Westbury Windows and Joinery, we proudly custom-make every window to our client’s exact requirements. Therefore, without knowing your specifications, it is impossible to say what the price of a new timber window might be. While we might not be able to answer your price queries directly, we can certainly shed some light on some of the factors that might affect your final quote. 

Considering the upfront costs.

The price of the timber window will vary. Is the window a casement window or sash? What are its dimensions? What materials is the window made from? Is the window “off the shelf” or is it bespoke?

In addition to the price of the window itself, who will fit the window? It is not recommended that a window be fitted by a novice, as an error can compromise the structure of the building wall. So, it is likely to be the manufacturer or a contractor who will do the work, both of whom will attract additional labour costs. Whoever you opt for, we always recommend that you find a FENSA approved installer to perform the work gives you peace of mind that the installation will be completed correctly.

What are the lifetime savings? 

Naturally, it is the price of the window and the cost of installation that you will look at when keeping account of your renovation budgets. What is not usually considered is the money you end up saving over time, and these can make a real difference to the overall investment. 

By investing in high quality, durable windows, you reduce the likelihood of costly replacements further down the line. We at Westbury use premium timber called Accoya in all of our windows to ensure a long lifespan. Accoya is an engineered, laminated timber with increased dimensional stability in comparison to tropical hardwoods, with a reduction in swelling and shrinkage by 75% or more. Accoya also is knot free, meaning that it will not split like traditionally cut wood. As a result, Accoya timber is guaranteed for 50 years, which is 2½ times the lifetime of standard uPVC window frames. 

Stack of Accoya wood

Furthermore, because Accoya timber won’t significantly expand or contract with the seasons, they are incredibly low maintenance when coated with paints such as Teknos, a water-based paint explicitly formulated for external use on timber. Their coatings create a protective layer that acts as a barrier, keeping moisture away from the wood and making it resistant to bacteria, mould, and UV attack. Rather than requiring a repaint every one to two years, Westbury window frames will last up to 10 years before needing a repaint. 

Ensuring a perfect fit

Where all our windows are made-to-measure, they will fit perfectly into your building’s openings. An exact fit will ensure that even large period properties will stay warm and draft-free, improve the energy efficiency of a home and reduce the heating costs in the winter. What’s more, with the boom in sales of air conditioning units in the UK, better fitting windows will help to keep the heat out of your home and reduce cooling costs in summer.

If you are looking at keeping initial costs down by opting for cheaper windows, it might seem wise to opt for an inferior product. However, it is worth considering what that window might mean for future expenditure. A high-quality, bespoke timber window made from the best materials is a smart investment. For more information about our doors and windows, or to arrange a visit to our showrooms, contact the team or download a brochure here.