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Top 10 self-build and renovation Instagram accounts

Are you looking to redo your home? Follow some of the most sensational self-build and renovation accounts on Instagram! Get great ideas and advice while following others as they embark on their own property development projects. We have gathered ten inspiring profiles for you to discover!

Many thanks to Holly from @surrey_house_project for the above images – featuring Westbury timber windows in her home. Scroll to no. 3 for more information about Holly and her house renovation project! Shoot for Humphrey Munson | Photographer @paullmcraig

It might not feel like it after the recent storms, but spring is not far off. It is during this time that many of us start to think about improving our homes or embarking on self-build projects. Anyone who has been through the process knows that building projects can be emotionally draining and overwhelming when you are doing it alone. Decisions like which contractors to go with, how to compare quotes, and how you want your home to look are all decisions that you and you alone have to make. Many find that there is nothing quite as effective as looking to others to take inspiration (and solace) from! 

This is where home build magazines, blogs and even social media platforms can help. As your project progresses, you can see how others tackle the ups and downs of a self-build or renovation journey, get handy tips and learn from their experiences. With great images and regular updates, it can be fascinating to discover new Instagram accounts that are covering similar projects. We have brought together a list of our 10 favourite profiles to follow:

1. @the_changing_house

Get ready for smart grey hues, tons of interior inspiration, and stunning renders when you follow The Changing House. This couple, who are remodelling their home by the sea, provide plenty of insight to their followers. Their Instagram feed looks great, with a modern contemporary aesthetic, and it is crammed with amazing interior design ideas. If you are going through a home renovation project now and want to know what to expect, then The Changing House is a must-follow.


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I hope everyone warmed up after the frosty start today. I swear I was cold all day! I had a bit of time to relax earlier so ended up looking for inspo on Pinterest and a little bit of property porn on Right Move. It has to be done….even if you have no intention of moving ? I like spotting a home that mixes modern and contemporary so easily. There are so many great examples on Insta! The glass door here sits so well with the panelling. I zoned in on the black hinges straight away too. Love them! ? Does anyone else have a love for both Modern and Classic interiors Or are you firmly in one camp? #modernfarmhouse #moderninterior #glassdoor #glassdoors #hallwayinspo #woodenfloor #panelling #whiteinterioryes #openplanliving #simpledecor #homedecoration #neutralhome #neutralhomedecor #interiordecorator #interiordecoratingideas Image. Pinterest

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 2. @dubhhouse

James and Amy have self-professed themselves as appreciators of fine architecture, and are currently building their own family home in Bedfordshire. Using their Instagram account, they document the highs and lows of managing a self-build project while raising a young family. Their feed manages to show the mess and chaos self-build projects can sometimes inflict, while also being smart and stylish. There are plenty of build site shots throughout the page so you can keep track of how their project develops. 

3. @surrey_house_project

Holly from Surrey is proof that all good renovation projects eventually come to an end! She started her popular Instagram account at the very beginning of the renovation project, as work began on their glorious property. With the creation of such beautiful interiors, Holly’s account has proven to be a big hit! From the Humphrey Munson kitchen to the Ralph Lauren upholstery on the headboard in the master bedroom, Holly is always sharing details of her completed house to her followers. Those with an eye for quality joinery will spot our very own Westbury products featured, including a smart front door, timber windows and roof lantern. This is a great account to follow for a regular dose of home inspiration, with bright and airy rooms, timber joinery and exceptional detailing. 

4. @restoring_ashburnehouse

This Instagram account is still in its early days but we predict that this could be a great project to follow from the very beginning! The keys to this Grade II listed 1830’s country house in Sunderland were only handed over four weeks ago! The Blackwood Family originally owned the house, but the army used it as a convalescent hospital during the First World War, so there is plenty of history yet to be revealed! It also consists of a five-story extension building which was built in the 1960’s, and an 18th century lodge at the gateway entrance to the site, plus gardens. This is a huge development project on a building, and we cannot wait to see how the project progresses. We’re not the only ones who adore seeing the updates either – locals who have grown up with the house being a well-known landmark get to see progress pictures from behind the scenes, and it’s wonderful to read their heart-warming comments. 

5. @_our_new_home_

Anthony and Caroline modernized an old doctor’s clinic in Denmark, transforming it into their dream home. They treat their 54,700 followers to regular images of their beautifully styled, modern interiors. A year on, all the major works have finished but now the order of the day for this couple is mini makeovers, DIY projects and simple hacks. No matter what stage you are at with your own renovation project, you will definitely want to implement plenty of their ideas into your own space. We very much like their matching his n’ hers jumpsuits, too. 

6. @younghouselove

John and Sherry Petersik are not just running a complete overhaul of their home – they are also transforming two period beach houses, too. Taking a project of such scope well into their stride, this experienced couple approach everything with a positive can-do attitude. This is a popular Instagram feed with stunning photographs, advice and home updates. We are fans of their podcast show, too!

7. @lifeatlowwinderbarn

Life at Low Winder Barn is all about embracing the rural, country life. This plucky couple are renovating a picturesque stone barn in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales into their dream home. It may seem idyllic but with a host of farm animals to look after at the same time, you wonder how they do it all! This is another project to start following while it is still in the early days, with their first post being shared in September last year. Their Instagram account documents their conversion plans, along with an insight into life on the farm. Baz and Gaz the Pygmy Goats are delightful. 

8. @barnconversionsos

Who can resist following the Coopers? The family are now living in their dream abode after restoring and converting a historic barn in South Yorkshire. There are still plenty of updates – as they say in their bio, does the work ever finish? Their account is all about making use of the building’s original features. Follow for beautiful stonewall detailing, structural work and oak beams. 

9. @thehousethatjambuilt

Joel and Maddie’s Instagram profile shares the real life emotions of building a home from scratch, and are not afraid to talk about the hard work, worry and even anxiety that can come with such an undertaking. Looking at the architectural designs, it is apparent that the young couple have designed a beautifully balanced and elegant property. By capturing and sharing key moments, like when diggers demolished the existing property, or when builders laid the foundations, they have created an account that tells a true, authentic self-build story. We wish them all the best and we will certainly be keeping an eye on their progress!


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I mentioned in the last post that we’ve made a few adjustments to the design and submitted some minor amends post planning permission. The planning officers didn’t like the zinc roof we had originally submitted so we’re hoping that they’ll agree to a slate roof instead (despite them strongly favouring clay in their response). Our builder actually advised against zinc anyway, saying that it can make the house very noisy so we’re pleased with the change. Our dormers will hopefully still have zinc sides to make it look more modern but it’s subject to the council being happy with the materials we’ve chosen. We’ve also added a 4th dormer to the top and moved the top windows slightly to make the house look more symmetric/ less “cross eyed”. We also applied to get the adjoining roof between the garage and the house that you see in this photo but we probably won’t get planning for that from initial response we’ve received. If we decide we definitely want it down the line we will resubmit a separate amendment/new application which will likely go to appeal to get passed. For now we’re very happy with how it looks…I’ll post a photo of the back next as it’s where all the real fun is happening. #newbuild #planning #planningpermission #foreverhome #homedesign

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10. @westburyjoinery 

Of course, we had to include our own profile! The Westbury Windows and Joinery Instagram account is crammed with helpful information, case studies and product profiles. Displaying beautiful doors, windows and roof lanterns in both new builds and existing homes, we share some great ideas for anyone going through a building project.