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Upgrade your Front Door with a Banham Lock

We are now offering Banham Locks as an upgrade option for our bespoke timber Front Doors.

Banham Locks are set to be a highly sought after option for our external timber doors, as our state-of-the-art machines in the workshop are now able to run the required cut-outs to fit them. Perfect for the discerning homeowner with a penchant for traditional craftsmanship and exceptional performance, Banham Locks come with patented key systems offering the ultimate in key control and security. Banham keys are further protected by the company’s professionally managed key registration system.


Banham is a well-known name, considered by many to offer the Rolls Royce of security system services. Over the years, we’ve noticed that South West London clients will often request Banham locks if they are having new doors installed or renovating a new property.

‘Banham is a well-known, premium brand,’ explains our Sales Manager, Rob Owens. ‘Many of our clients, particularly those from London, are used to and trust the Banham name. Understandably, they are keen to continue using Banham’s security products and services when ordering new doors. It’s not just a case of sticking with something they are familiar with – it’s because they want to carry on benefitting from the exceptional levels of security and customer care that they are accustomed to.’

What makes Banham Locks so unique?
The saying goes that ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’ and we couldn’t agree more. A home is where you can take refuge from the world in, a place where your family can relax in, feeling safe and secure. For peace of mind, your property deserves to be protected with the very highest levels of security, and your front door should be strong and sturdy with a lock that you can trust. Their reputable and highly experienced locksmiths, carpenters and engineers have all been trained in-house and are security vetted.

Banham locks are precision-engineered, British-made and impressively handcrafted to be reliable, stable and robust. They sell locks of two main types; mortice locks and rim locks. The difference is based on how the lock is mounted to your door and door frame. The products are made to order in a range of smart finishes, from Satin Brass to Polished Chrome and Dark Bronze. Having all your locks working with one Banham key is also an option, and a clever way of making life easier if you don’t wany to carry a heavy bunch of keys around with you.
In addition to locks, Banham also offers a range of other products, such as integrated burglar alarms and safes, and around the clock security services such as property monitoring and alarm response.

Quality that stems from an impressive heritage
Banham started in 1926 when William F. Banham and his wife Marie-Ann suffered a series of burglaries at their shop in West London. To obtain insurance, the Banhams needed doors that they could bolt from the inside. William developed the first-ever automatic door bolt.

Today, Banham’s Patent Locks are still a coveted choice for security-conscious homeowners in London and the South East, where Banham is the largest security provider. The more you get to know about the company, the more you’ll notice about it’s family values.

The Banham family is still at the helm of the company, now run by the fourth generation. Some employees have been a part of the team for 40 years, with many working alongside their own families and passing skills to junior members.

Cylinder and key designs that are patented
‘Patent’ means a great deal to Banham. Indeed, the word remains in their registered company name, ‘Banham Patent Locks Limited.’ Inventiveness and innovation are at the heart of everything they do. Their cutting-edge lock designs are insurance-approved and meet Police Preferred Specifications, and this is something that they go to great lengths to protect.

Their commitment to upholding their unique designs through legal patents ensures that every customer receives exemplary security and key control. Their latest lock is the Banham Mark III, is as standard covered under patent and therefore exclusively available only to Banham customers. It would be completely illegal for anyone unauthorised to make a physical copy of the keys.
Key Registration that offers peace of mind

Banham’s professionally managed key registration system gives customers further reassurance. Their secure key registration service’s exclusive and reliable procedures offer property owners complete security and peace of mind. They will only copy keys for individuals registered or authorised in their key registration system, and the total number of keys is meticulously recorded for additional security and peace of mind.

Clients have to complete a key registration form and once verified and registered on the Banham system, and they can then duplicate the key at any showroom, or by post. This system ensures that Banham will only ever cut keys for the client or someone with strict authorisation.
More information about Banham’s products and services can be found on their website at Banham.co.uk 

To find out more about Banham Locks in Westbury Doors, get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.