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We Love… islands and peninsulas

Kitchen showing a wooden topped peninsula

In our regular feature, 'We Love... Wednesdays', we take a look at some great designs and style inspirations that have caught our eye. This month we look at islands and peninsulas, and how they can play a pivotal part in open plan living.

When a glazed extension is added to a home, it is often the case that the living area and / or the kitchen is opened up and adjusted to incorporate both dining and leisure areas. This is often a boon as it enables family and friends to spend time together in the same space, yet pursuing different activities.

Yet, to a certain extent, it can be difficult to see separate areas within an open space. Whilst it is of course the intention to create a sense of flow between areas, it is also beneficial to arrange the space so that there are set ‘zones’ for different activities. This is especially true for the kitchen, which arguably needs to be the most dynamic of the rooms in the home, allowing for food prep and cooking, entertaining and relaxing – all in the same space.

This is where islands and peninsulas come in to their own. As well as adding storage, and acting as a focal point, islands are ideal for outlining a kitchen space, and maintaining separate zones for cooking, prep and dining/relaxing. An island with seating is the perfect way for guests to relax and chat to their hosts whilst food prep and cooking is underway.

Alternatively a peninsula is a great option if you feel an island could be too overbearing. Typically an extension of the work surface, peninsulas create a psychological ‘wall’ without physically blocking off part of the room. If you have units running along two perpendicular walls, a peninsula protruding from one end into the kitchen will provide a nice third ‘wall’, sectioning off the kitchen area, providing more surface space and an informal area for dining.

Islands and peninsulas work well in glazed extensions, where diners can be disjointed from hosts in the kitchen. As well as adding storage space – often something which is at a premium in open plan spaces – islands and peninsulas with seating bring everyone together without crowding and obstructing prep and cooking areas.
If you need some advice on how to incorporate your kitchen into a glazed extension, please get in touch – we’d be happy to help.