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Westbury Paint

Over 25 years Westbury have gained knowledge and expertise in working successfully with timber. To compliment this we use a range of high quality paints that provide substantial protection and an immaculate finish, giving longevity.

Durable paint for distinctive colour

Westbury employ a water based microporous paint, which creates an extremely durable and highly protective barrier against weather, high levels of UV exposure and fungal attack. They also contain greater quantities of pigment, needed for quality paint, giving the colour greater clarity and less fading.

When properly cared for our paints will protect for up to 10 years before re painting may be required. Westbury recommend a simple washing down of paintwork once a year to keep clear of organisms, and touch in any areas of damage or joint movement as soon as they occur to stop moisture ingress. Should paint be required, we keep detailed records of all colours used.

Independent testing by the UK Building Research Establishment (BRE 225-386) has shown our paint system to outperform traditional approaches by inhibiting rot, mould and moisture ingress, leading to its acceptance by the UK National House Building Council (NHBC).

Environmental Directives

 All paints are manufactured to the highest quality, adhering to all European Environmental Directives.

 At Westbury we make a conscious effort to engage in production directives that minimise the negative effects of our industry, such as using FSC sourced timber and using waste products to provide sustainable energy at our production facility.

In accordance with these directives we have selected a manufacturing process for paint that reflects this, therefore all Westbury paints are mixed in our factory with quality and environmental management systems, certified in accordance with ISO 90001 and ISO 14001.

By having this facility further measures can be taken to reduce environmental impact, including being able to accurately estimate paint quantities so waste is minimized. Deliveries by freight to our workshops are greatly reduced by an estimated 93.75%, minimizing carbon emissions!

Westbury’s paints are water based having VOC levels significantly below current and proposed legislative levels and are free of all heavy metal additives. As these paints are water based they are also very clean, so no need to use ‘spirits to wash brush that are harmful to the environment.