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Values Of A Westbury Roof Lantern

Westbury Joinery Roof Lantern

Find out everything you need to know about our bespoke timber roof lanterns here.

What is a roof lantern window?

A roof lantern is a faceted glass structure, typically installed into a flat roof, that maximises natural light and ventilation into the space below.

What is the difference between a roof lantern and a skylight?

Skylights are flat windows, usually set amongst the tiles of a pitched roof that are fitted directly to the roof at the same angle. Often these windows can be opened by a centre-pivot or be top-hung. Skylights are also able to be included into flat roof extensions and make a great choice if you would like them to be less visible from ground level outside.

Roof lanterns, however, provide a glazed pitch to flat roof extensions. They add a magnificent architectural element to the structure of the building. Inside, the lanterns extend the ceiling height and transform the space into a more luxurious and contemporary environment, opening the room into the sky. They benefit from a greater amount of natural light thanks to their ability to channel sun rays from every angle. Often roof lanterns are non-opening but many feature automatic thermostatic ventilation to allow heat to rise and escape, minimising heat build-up. Our roof lantern ventilation also features rain sensors, closing them as the first drop of rain falls, so you’re never caught out by the unpredictable British weather.

Why choose a roof lantern?

As well as flooding the room with light, a roof lantern will also give the impression of elevating a low ceiling and will add extraordinary wow-factor to an otherwise ordinary space.

For this reason, roof lanterns are a feature in themselves and do not always need to form part of a larger extension project. In built up areas, for example, where space to extend is at a premium, roof lanterns sit well above an otherwise dark and forgotten transition space in a property, such as above a stairwell or hallway.

Equally, properties that do not benefit from a consistent stream of natural daylight, due to their orientation, will also benefit from having a roof lantern as this will allow a more constant light into the room from above.

Do you need planning permission for a roof lantern installation?

A commen concern when looking into the installation of a roof lantern is; ‘Do I need planning permission in order to have a roof lantern installed?’ The short answer is no, however, as with any project it is important to check consents beforehand. Researching whether your plans require permission and seeking professional advice before you start, can save potential stress and financial loss later down the line.

Consents vary on location, but generally a roof lantern can be installed to your flat roof under permitted development. Meaning that you may only require building control or a FENSA certified fitter to install your lantern. Skylights can also be installed without planning permission; However, they are required to remain under 150mm in height from the roof face when installed into a pitched roof.

Can you add a roof lantern to an already existing roof?

In short, yes! Our high quility structures and glass can be added onto your roof. Our roof lanterns will greatly increase the hight and elevate your home, conservatory or kitchen, making your home perfect for hosting guest for a evening party, spending valuable time with family and embracing with the natural rays of light entering your home to add a sense of scenery to your home in the day time and giving you the ability to view the stars at night night.

This will immidiatly bring an hightened sense of luxury feel to your home and will leave your space with a high end touch to further the potential for architectual elegance and take advantage of the natural light to your home. Creating a unique and beatiful architectual masterpiece.

Do roof lanterns add value to my home?

Most certainly! Our elegant roof lanterns immidiatly elevate the look inside and outside your property, making them them more desirable for potential owners and buyers increasing the value of your home in an instant.

Our roof lanterns are designed to the highest of standards

A well-designed roof lantern should have neat, clean lines – you absolutely want to avoid a cluttered or irregular style. They should have a simple aesthetic with a refined quality, which can sometimes be a difficult balance to get right, but with years of experience our expert teams of joiners have a pride in what they do. Using specialist joinery techniques, they take it upon themselves to only produce roof lanterns of the highest quality.

Our roof lanterns all have a central ridge made from Accoya, which is a moisture resistant, highly durable redwood. This sustainable and environmentally-friendly engineered wood is a very strong and dimensionally stable material to build with, and we use it to craft most of our products.

How Westbury makes roof lanterns

Westbury roof lantern designs feature clean symmetrical lines and create incredible architectural impact both inside and out. Each and every one of our roof lanterns is made to order using a combination of the latest technologies, high-quality materials, and skilled craftsmanship.

Our roof lanterns are made using engineered knot free timber which is sustainable and durable while the finials are made from resin, offering unparalleled longevity compared to solid wood which may split or cause water ingress over time

The engineered timber sections are paired with high-spec double glazing and aluminium capping for a high-quality end product that looks beautiful, functions exceptionally and is very low maintenance. We supply and install roof lanterns for many homeowners but we also support architects and specifiers with a full in-house design service (including detailed drawings and 1:20 kerb detail drawings).

Our roof lantern projects incorporate intricate designs and careful manufacturing in order to ensure they meet the unique specifications of any given project. There is no project too big or too small and we are able to make roof lanterns to meet any pitch and size requirements, while ensuring they will complement the existing architecture and surroundings of the property.

Westbury lanterns are double glazed with 4-16-4 toughened panes, filled with argon gas and sealed with a Low E coating as standard to ensure optimal performance all year round. We also offer the option to upgrade the glazing to laminated, low-maintenance, or solar reflective glass if required.

Our high tech glazing reduces heat transmission, which leads to energy savings and ensures the room maintains a consistent temperature throughout all seasons. Thermostatic ventilation sashes in the roof lantern improve airflow and can be adjusted by the homeowner to open or close as the room meets a set temperature, or to close if it begins to rain.

Unique design process

As with all Westbury products, we offer a full, in-house, bespoke design service with a prompt turnaround time. We plan and design our roof lanterns with room shape, size, and proportions in mind to ensure the end result is an impressive, balanced design, tailor made to suit both customer and home.

For example, a rectangular room will lend itself well to a rectangular lantern, however, two square lanterns may also serve to highlight distinct zones or focal points of the room, helping to define the space below. We also craft octagonal lantern projects which create the impression of a curvaceous dome, or tiered lanterns in all shapes which can add a greater sense of space and grandeur to a room.

Below is a video of our Westbury staff building a rectangular timber roof lantern in our workshop in rural Essex. If you would like to visit the workshop to see the skill and enthusiasm that goes into every Westbury project, please call us to arrange an appointment.