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Westbury unveil new stand at The Building Centre in London

Head to The Building Centre in London to view their new product gallery, showcasing all aspects of architecture and construction. As part of this substantial redesign, we unveiled our new educational display, reflecting our ever-evolving products…

To coincide with our newly updated exhibit at The Building Centre in London, Westbury Windows and Joinery have produced an exciting educational display covering a range of architectural and design topics. 

‘Visitors to The Building Centre are looking to expand their knowledge in a venue which has been designed as an educational resource within the architecture and building industry. With over 30 years’ experience, we knew that we could make a good contribution to the centre so have a new display that we hope will inform visitors about how modern-day construction has evolved and how we have minimised our environmental impact,’ explains Managing Director and Founder, Jonathan Hey. 

Designed by our expert team, the focus of the new exhibit is based on achieving low-carbon footprint in design, as well as the evolution of glazing and joinery since the 1940s. You will also be able to see our craftsmanship for yourself, with a section of our timber casement windows on display. 

What is The Building Centre? 

Established in 1931 and standing in the heart of London, on Store Street since 1951 The Building Centre is a hub for architects, building and construction professionals and all those interested in the built environment.    

Forest of Fabrication – Image Credit: Frances Coruss via The Building Centre

We have had a display at The Building Centre since 2012, featuring our superior products and innovative designs which reflect our approach to contemporary and quality architecture. 

‘The Building Centre’s mission is to improve the quality of the built environment by inspiring and educating people about its value to their lives,’ explains The Building Centre’s Commercial Director, John Bonning. ‘Through the product and material gallery spaces we showcase a richness and diversity of products and materials embracing all aspects of architecture and construction, from external products to internal finishes and fittings. The high quality and bespoke nature of the joinery solutions presented by Westbury Windows and Joinery are a perfect fit in our architectural and design Centre.’

The Building Centre is a fantastic facility for those in the design, architecture and building industries. Initially used by architects, the centre now offers a highly regarded building reference service with a library of over 10,000 products, trade names, and suppliers. 

Hand Held to Super Scale Building with Ceramics Exhibition – Image Credit: John MacLean via The Building Centre

There is also an extensive programme of events and seminars available for those in the construction industry, along with educational materials and exhibitions. 

In addition to these resources, The Building Centre offers relaxed co-working workspaces, a café that serves great coffee, and many fascinating exhibitions to explore. 

Co-sharing workspaces – Image Credit: Agnese Sanvito via The Building Centre

Why are we displaying our products there? 

Being one of the most renowned specialist suppliers of timber windows, doors, and roof lanterns, having a permanent presence in the construction industry’s best independent interdisciplinary organisation is a fantastic way to showcase our company. At the core of our values, we believe in using cutting-edge construction methods and innovative techniques while championing the finer details and concepts of British design and architecture. 

Our products perform to modern standards while still reflecting our love for heritage designs, with flush joints, clean lines, and classic mouldings. Our designs can suit properties of all sizes and complexities and can help to resolve a range of architectural issues including a lack of natural light and space in a home. 

This unique perspective allows us to bring a unique portfolio to The Building Centre, showing how superior products will suit any kind of built environment providing it complements the scale and proportions of the architecture. 

What can you learn about? 

Westbury’s Heritage

Timber windows have had a somewhat turbulent past, and you will be amazed at the effect varying supply and demand has had on manufacturers over the years. Bringing together the designs, experts, manufacturing processes, and cultural influences to explore the evolution of the glazed timber window, our display features a fascinating timeline starting from the 1940s. 

Learn about the connection between the end of the British Empire, the needs of post-war Britain and the rise of cheap uPVC windows. Exploring both traditional heritage designs and modern-day developments, our display helps visitors to compare factory-finished double-glazing with the detailing and aesthetics of durable, quality products. 

Low Carbon Footprint in Design

With the ever-alarming rise of carbon emissions into our atmosphere, most architects are keeping sustainable design at the forefront of their work and are prioritising low-carbon footprints across their project portfolios. The build and construction industry emits highly significant amounts of greenhouse gasses into the environment, and unfortunately, the extraction, production, and transportation of basic building materials use a tremendous amount of energy and carbon. 

However, a well-designed project can reduce the carbon emissions during both the build process and once the building is in use, achieved through understanding and knowledge from the very beginning at the design stage. Timber is the best renewable material available, making it the perfect resource for building sustainable windows, doors, and roof lanterns. 

How do we achieve a low-carbon footprint and sustainable design? We consider the environmental impact at every stage, from the paint that we use to the glazing and timber. To the furthest extent possible, we use an Accoya and Redwood timber combination, which is a highly sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods and energy-intensive materials such as PVC and WPC. You can find out more about this revolutionary timber product here

Upcoming events at The Building Centre

The Building Centre is open to the public six days a week and all exhibitions are free to enter. Find out more here https://www.buildingcentre.co.uk/

Why not make a day of it and attend one of The Building Centre’s insightful events while you are there? With amazing exhibitions, talks, fairs and interactive models you will be brimming with ideas and solutions for your own design projects. Look at what is on to see if anything sparks your interest!

The next Dyson Design Series: Workspace re-engineered is on the 24th October, with an exceptional line up including Johannes Karlström, interior architect at Note Design Studio in Stockholm. Admission is free but you will need to register, which you can do here

Image Credit: John MacLean via The Building Centre