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What makes a Westbury window?


Westbury Joinery desires to manufacture the highest quality products that encompass the best technical and energy saving features with a traditional British heritage appearance.

Toughened Glazing

As standard, Westbury windows are fitted with 28mm (4/20/4) thick double-glazing, toughened to be around four times stronger than regular glass. This toughening process also makes it safer if broken by shattering into many small cubes of glass, unlike standard glass which would break into large, sharp shards. Our glass has a low-emissivity coating which significantly reduces heat transfer to reflect interior heat back into the room.

We also offer optional upgrades on our window products namely ‘Sound & Secure’ and ‘Sound & Secure Extra’ which utilise laminated glass to increase their sound insulation and security performance.

The glass of a Westbury Window is fitted into its rebated unit using adhesive tape then secured externally using a hidden nail system so no pinholes are visible. The external perimeter is permanently sealed and capped to prevent any moisture ingress using an appropriate colour silicone.


Sustainable timber

Westbury sources sustainable timber for all of its windows. Crafted using a combination of Accoya and European sourced timber including Larch and European Redwood, these are engineered laminated components that are knot-free and bonded to provide the quality, strength, and stability that solid wood cannot come close to matching. The most vulnerable elements of Westbury Joinery, for example, a window cill or a roof lantern ridge cap are manufactured with solid Accoya.

Our timbers give extremely low thermal conductivity and are more durable and stable than the best tropical hardwoods. These premium materials coupled with our specially formulated bonds to ensure joints remain strong delivers the highest standard of finish.


Energy efficient

Westbury uses a window frame depth of 115mm, a technique first used by Scandinavians many years ago as a means to protect themselves against the cold weather. The sashes are 68mm deep and therefore able to incorporate single, double or triple glazing units along with a variety of lamination options.

Through designing the timber frames and sashes of our windows using these deep inside to outside profiles, we are able to improve their thermal performance. This difference is what enables us to offer our customers products that are independently tested and energy saving authorised with excellent whole product U-Values.

Casement window with horizontal bar

Handcrafted with care

Like all Westbury products, our windows are handcrafted and made to measure in order to meet the demands of individual specifications. What makes our joinery so special is that we do not opt-out of the detail for ease and speed of manufacture.

Integral to a Westbury window are those features that many contemporary manufacturers have removed from their designs such as traditional tight flush joints, sharp edges, and classical mouldings. The combination of counter profiling and multi dowels makes for a strong, traditional flush joint which is then affixed with special adhesives and mechanisms for a premium performance and finish. We consider these elements as something to be proud of and an essential part of British architectural heritage.


Built to Perform

Westbury windows are independently tested by a third party UKAS accredited test centre to current British and European Standards. This ensures that each of our products perform to meet and even exceed the demands of modern day acoustic, weather, and security exertions. You can view the results of these tests here.

Whether you are undertaking a new build project or refurbishing a period property, we can offer timber windows in a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit your project.