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What is a boot room? (and why you need one)

If you’re considering the layout of your new build home or even a new layout of your renovation project, you may have asked yourself what is a boot room or do I need a boot room?

So what is a boot room? Simply put, a boot room is a space that connects the indoors to the outdoors. Its main function is to serve as an ideal entry point to the property, an area to rush in to find respite from the rain, tear off muddy football boots from the kids, swap into your house shoes; Even dry the paws of your mischievous pup that insisted on jumping into every dyke, ditch and dirty puddle he saw!

A boot room will create a physical separation between your pristine living spaces and any dirt that may be brought inside. Typically positioned with an exit out to the garden, they are an excellent time-saving solution in the morning, housing everything you need to grab before leaving the house.

What’s the difference between a utility room and a boot room?

A utility or laundry room is a space to keep your washing machine and dryer. Ideally, you may also have a sink as well to pre-wash or soak any items before washing. A laundry room enables you to free up space in your kitchen, keeping dirty laundry and occasionally-used-utilities separate from the busy comings and goings of a kitchen.

Another benefit is that your kitchen will experience less noise, keeping the tumble dryer and spin cycle in separate locations, closed off from the main living areas.

Pictured Above: Windows by Westbury Windows & Joinery, Cabinetry by Humphrey Munson, Photography by Paul M Craig

Comparatively, a boot room is traditionally used to store your family’s coats, umbrellas, shoes and even sporting equipment. A solution to the storage of your essentials. Typically they will include benches and seating to allow you to comfortably put your shoes on or take them off at the end of the day. Keeping practical items in one place and undesirables like mud or dirt from making their way into your home.

Occasionally, you may decide to combine the two and use your boot room to remove any dirty clothes or shoes to be placed directly into the washing machine or laundry basket. Having a dedicated cleaning space for your practical daily needs and the rest of your home for care-free relaxation.

You’ll be forgiven for imagining these spaces to become dumping grounds, collecting shoes, dirt being brought in from outside. But a boot room, designed to perfection, will easily become your favourite functional space. Easy to tidy, easy to clean and excellent for storage. Before you know it you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

How to design a boot room

One approach many homeowners make when designing their boot room is to mirror the design of their kitchen. Choosing the same flooring, cabinetry and work surfaces to make the boot room feel like an extension of the existing space. While others may choose to keep the boot room separate, allowing it to take on a whole new identity.

Whichever route you chose to go down, one commonality amongst all boot rooms is to start with an easy to clean, hardwearing tiled floor. Able to stand up to the regular traffic it will receive. Next, consider adding some seating, armchairs, benches or window seats are ideal for boot rooms due to their size.

To organise your boot room and ensure efficient storage, add some coat hooks to match your window and door ironmongery. Include shoe racks of varying sizes to cater for everything from your wellies to your sandals. Consider adding cupboards to store unsightly items or tidy away shoe polish and shoe cleaner for easy access. If your boot room doubles up as a utility space you may also want to add an ironing board, or hanging rail to steam your clothes.

Finally, make it beautiful. A boot room is more than just a functional space to help keep the rest of your home clean and tidy; It is a welcoming space when you come home; A chance to catch up with the kids, as they hang up their book bag and coat, after a full day at school. Add artwork opposite your seating area, fresh flowers upon a side table, and allow for plenty of natural light.