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What makes a quality timber window?

Quality doors and windows are reliable, durable and bring value to your home. How can you identify what makes a higher-end timber door or window?

If you’re embarking on a renovation or new-build project, choosing your doors and windows may well be last on your list. Compared to kitchen remodelling and reconfiguring room layouts, windows, and doors don’t seem as important. Instead of taking the time to choose high-end, high-performing designs that impress, we find that many homeowners opt for the standard, off-the-shelf u-PCV products.

However, when it comes to the things that matter, such as insulation, ventilation, security, acoustic performance, sustainability and style, quality windows and doors out-perform over cheaper alternatives and should never be overlooked. In reality, exceptional doors and windows can have a significant impact on your property, and you’ll quickly realise the return on your investment.  

For us, quality is about making sure our door and window products are high-performing and fit for purpose, but it’s also a mindset. Our designs incorporate all the best technical and energy-saving features of a proven continental design, but with a traditional British architectural heritage appearance. Quality is at the centre of everything we do, from the moment our supplier delivers the planks of engineered timber to our workshops in Essex. It’s about producing something at the end of the process that not only meets the client’s brief but also exceeds their expectations. Our clients know that their windows and doors will keep their home warm and secure, not just after installation but in the long run.

How do you know a door or window is good quality? If you want to look out for premium products, here’s everything you need to know…

What are quality doors and windows made from? 

Longevity is a good indication of quality. Mass-produced uPVC windows will insulate the home, but they are not always as low-maintenance and durable as people might think. The material will discolour over time due to UV exposure, and although uPVC does have a service life up to 25 years, a door or window made with the right kind of timber will have a guaranteed service life of 50 years.

Westbury’s windows and doors are made with Accoya®, a remarkable modified timber that has a low thermal conductivity in comparison to traditional softwoods and hardwoods. It also offers better insulation in comparison to uPVC. Fast-growing, sustainable Radita pine is put through a chemical process that gives the timber up to 75% improved dimensional stability, meaning that it will not warp or twist in the elements. The window remains sturdy, and there are no cracks to let cold draughts in, making it cheaper to heat your home in the winter.

Spray-applied with three coats of micro-porous paint.

All our joinery is fully finished with three coats of Teknos paint systems. While Accoya® is ideal for windows and doors, Teknos paints are perfect to use with Accoya®. Their high-performance paint products have been developed to help exterior joinery withstand the harshest of climates. Instead of peeling and cracking, the paint helps to protect the timber underneath from UV light, rain, humidity, cold, and heat by acting as a protective barrier. This water-based, superior product gives a beautiful finish, but it also prolongs the service life of the timber, which results in reduced maintenance costs. 

Paint sprayer in Westbury factory

One glass pane or two? 

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and the way our windows are fitted together makes a big difference to the performance of our products. All our standard glazing is 28mm thick, and our clients can choose from a range of different glass types depending on their energy, acoustic, security or privacy requirements. One large pane of glass is fitted into its rebated unit with double-sided adhesive tape. It is then secured externally using a discreet, hidden nail system which is fixed through the Accoya® glass bead. The external perimeter is then permanently sealed with an appropriate colour silicone. We do this to keep the nails out of sight for a smarter aesthetic, but they are also protected from any moisture, ensuring that they don’t rust and damage the window.

Bespoke sizes and frame depth

There’s nothing worse than installing poor fitting doors and windows. Standard products come in standard sizes, but what if your home doesn’t have typical window frame measurements? This is a problem often faced by homeowners who have period properties, and the idea of altering the brickwork to make a window fit feels a bit excessive. Made to measure, bespoke windows that will perfectly fit specific measurements are ideal for ensuring that the form and function of your project will be to the highest of standards. An exceptional timber product that’s been accurately crafted to the correct measurements will always sit comfortably in its surroundings and will never cause problems.


Our doors and windows are a modern masterpiece when it comes to insulation performance, and this is partly down to the design of our frames. By crafting our timber frames and window sashes with deep inside-to-outside profiles, we further improve the thermal performance through the wood components. Years ago, the Scandinavians learned to use a standard frame depth of 115mm to help their homes withstand their cold, harsh surroundings, and this is a technique that we use at Westbury today. 

Feeling safe and secure in your home 

One of the main benefits of choosing a quality window or door product is the exceptional security they provide for your home. Secure products give you peace of mind, but they also help your home to meet home insurance regulations.

We consider the security of our products from the very beginning, and it influences the design, manufacture, and fitting of our window and doors. We use engineered timber, featuring layers of laminated wood that give the window or door added strength. We also specially source all our screws and fastenings and include a robust multi-point locking system and PAS24 approved cylinder locks.

Close-up of bronze security feature on Box Sash Window

All of our products have been tested in a UKAS approved lab to meet PAS24 compliance. Find out more here.

Hand-finished with precision and detail.

Our joinery products look spectacular because we never cut corners when it comes to the finer details. It takes time, effort and craftsmanship to create the flush joints with no v-grooves, sharp edges, and traditional mouldings that many of our contemporaries don’t bother with anymore. But as far as we’re concerned, these decorative details are essential elements of our British architectural heritage and it’s worth going the extra mile in the production process to celebrate them.

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