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What are the different styles of wooden windows?

The beauty and elegance of wooden windows are unsurpassable. Precision-crafted timber windows are an elegant solution to maintain the character of your home. Strong, secure and energy-efficient, wooden windows are available in a range of casement or sash styles and a selection of colours and finishes. They can even be colour matched to your desired shade, to achieve that unique finish you seek.

Technology meets tradition

Our modern wooden windows are manufactured with a balanced combination of expert hand craftsmanship and precise machine manufacturing. This enables every wooden window or door to leave our workshop having been made to the highest standards, taking the very best qualities from both hand-finishing and modern technology. As well as being meticulously inspected throughout the entire low-carbon manufacturing process.

So, what are your options when it simply must be timber?

Whether your home is a historic, listed building – deserving of the finest quality materials and beautifully delicate frames – a renovation, or new build project, looking for a splash of character and the unique finish that only timber windows can deliver, the versatility of wooden windows provides plenty of choices.

Timber Sash windows

Endlessly charming and perhaps one of the most desirable choices when it comes to wooden windows. The vertical sliding sash has been a classic style, popular for over 300 years. The sliding opening is a practical, space-saving solution. Excellent for houses that open directly onto a path, garden patio, or behind window boxes bursting in summer florals.

All of our wooden sash windows incorporate a heritage design that is suitable for conservation areas. However, it is a traditional look and feels with a difference. Our modern sash windows boast smooth running technology, spring balanced and crafted with exacting precision, to prevent jams and wobbles for an effortless opening motion. Windows that slide with the push from a single finger, these timber marvels are a sophisticated addition to any home or building project. Adding a touch of grandeur.

wooden box sash window

Box Sash

Authentic heritage styling combined with the latest technology for improved security, thermal performance, and acoustics. Our Box Sash windows use cords, pulleys, and weights to counterbalance the sashes top and bottom. On each side, internally and externally, liners extend from the frame to create a box that houses the weights. The box can be hidden by the external brick or stone or detailed with architrave.

Spring Sash wooden window

Spring Sash

Our Wooden Spring Balanced Sash windows are a more contemporary alternative to the classic box sash window. Using a spring-loaded mechanism instead of pulleys, cords, and weights. They are often used in new build projects where a flush reveal is desired.

Legacy Sash wooden window

Legacy Sash

Similar to our standard sash windows but with a thinner frame, sash, and glass sections. A double-glazed window, boasting all the modern performance benefits, without losing the traditional aesthetics of a single glazed sash.

Available in both weighted and spring-balanced versions.

Wooden Casement windows

The more contemporary option for wooden windows, relatively low maintenance, and suitable for a whole range of styled homes. Casement windows are simpler, with hinged sashes rather than a vertical slide. They are a practical choice, with all the benefits of luxury timber windows.

Wooden Casement window

Side Hung Friction Hinge

A superior closing performance, excellent security, and maximum egress escape opening width. The hinge can be moved inwards to provide the option for easy cleaning which will automatically reset to egress when closing.

Side hung butt hinge wooden casement window

Side hung butt hinge

Usually comprised of two leaves that match, one attached to a fixed component such as a jamb, and the other a moving component such as a window. When closed the butt hinge leaves will remain flush with each other, where only the curled barrel (knuckle) is exposed

wooden window Top hung friction hinge casement

Top hung friction hinge

A friction hinge that slides downwards into the frame area to a limited angle dependant on the size of the casement. With a special espagnolette locking system for extra security.

wooden windows French casement

French casement

Originally British custom was to have an outward opening window. French casements however opened inwards, having been set back in the opening with internal shutters. However, this posed a few issues in terms of weatherproofing. The British took the elegant slimmer sections of a French casement window and used them for inward opening doors on Juliette balconies, and even adapted them for our preferred outward opening windows. They are built without the central mullion and provide a clear opening. Large enough to meet fire escape regulations.