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What are the problems with Wooden windows? – Myths debunked

Windows can be made from many different materials, but wood remains one of the most popular choices on the market. Both eco-friendly and cost-effective, wooden windows have the potential to last a lifetime.

It’s undeniable that wooden windows hold a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that instantly adds character, elegance and luxury to any home. Over recent years we’ve seen a growth in their popularity. With savvy homeowners opting for a more eco-friendly way of life for new build projects and period renovations alike. As well as those with a keen eye for interior design choosing timber frames for their more versatile style options and unique qualities.

Myth 1: Wooden windows cannot be double glazed

Many people still believe that wooden frames are solely designed for single glazed windows. This idea perhaps originates from many period properties and heritage buildings that utilise timber frames at a time when double glazing had not yet been introduced. Not only is this myth wrong, but it’s also extremely misleading. Wooden windows have a variety of glazing options available, including triple glazing. For example, all our standard windows are double glazed with a 4/20/4 argon-filled specification. Alternatively, we offer the option to choose our Classique glazing which is thinner with a 4/8/4 krypton filled specification to offer the appearance of single glazing with the benefits of being double glazed. Our most premium range is Triple glazed windows with a mighty 4/8/4/8/4 krypton filled specification.

double glazed wooden windows bathroom

Myth 2: Wooden windows are quick to rot

Naturally, the thought of your brand-new timber windows rotting is terrifying. Which is why quite often this myth is linked to a horror story; Set on a miserable rainy day. When suddenly, out of the blue, water ingress and the timber frame is disintegrating before your eyes. A cataclysmic failure of the material and a broken promise of durability. Fortunately, this is simply not true.

Wooden double-glazed windows have an average lifespan of over 50 years. For reference, this is compared to the 25 years advised service life of uPVC windows.

Our windows and doors, in particular, are made with Accoya; An engineered timber that offers up to 75% improved dimensional stability when compared to alternative timbers. It also has a low risk of shrinkage, movement and heat-induced expansion. By preventing movement in the joints we can ensure they not only remain secure and strong throughout their lifetime, but the paintwork will not crack or lead to any water ingress, preventing the frames from rotting.

What’s more, our paintwork will last for up to 12 years, before the need to repaint. Which is more than double the longevity of alternative timber windows and doors on the market. However, the opportunity to repaint your windows is a great way to refresh their appearance and get them looking as good as new.

Myth 3: Wooden frames are expensive 

The initial outlay may look intimidating, as the cost of timber windows is higher than alternative materials like uPVC or aluminium. But throughout their lifespan, they work out to be the most cost-effective option out there. With proper care, you can keep them looking as good as new, and even carry out minor repairs if necessary.

In addition, your property is also likely to be worth a higher value, thanks to the sophisticated appearance of timber windows. They are continually thought of as a luxury product, becoming a highly sought-after feature on homes of all ages. This may be a potential point worth considering if you are to sell and move on in the future.

new house with wooden windows

Myth 4: Wood is high maintenance

As with any investment, wooden windows require an amount of maintenance to keep them looking at their best. Fortunately, Westbury windows require minimal maintenance, and this is all down to the 3 coats of Teknos paint applied to each window and door that leaves our workshop. This creates a highly durable and protective finish and acts as a barrier against any bacteria that could break down the timber over time. We simply recommend a wash with warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid in the spring and autumn.

Myth 5: Timber windows are not eco-friendly

Contrary to popular belief wooden windows are extremely eco-friendly. They are fully recyclable and should never find their way into landfills throughout their lifetime. Equally, our timber has is CO² neutral throughout its full lifecycle, 100% biodegradable and offers exceptional performance and longevity. We source FSC certified wood, meaning that is it farmed from maintained forests and does not contribute to global deforestation.

Another element of this myth is relating to heat retention inside the home. While aluminium and uPVC windows incorporate elements such as thermal breaks to better retain heat, wooden windows insulate naturally. This is due to wood having low thermal conductivity, acting as an excellent insulator, which reduces the need to heat your home using gas or electricity.

inside a library with wooden windows

Myth 6: Wooden windows only suit traditionally styled properties

Windows before the 1980 uPVC boom were mostly made from timber. So it’s a common misconception that timber windows only suit properties of a certain age, or in conservation areas where a like-for-like replacement is required. However the reality is quite the opposite. We supply a mixture of sliding sash and casement windows to many new build properties, as well as period homes. They can be finished any colour, and even colour matched to your favourite shade.

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