Year in Review – Our Top blogs from 2021 - Westbury Windows and Joinery

Year in Review – Our Top blogs from 2021

1. What are French Windows?

You may hear people referring to French windows time and time again, and you’ll be forgiven if you’ve never fully understood what makes a window… French. In fact, sitting in the number 1 spot, our most-read blog posts this year is a guide to explain the basics of what a French window is.

2. What is the best U-Value for windows?

Known as either U-Value or U-Factor, this simple number can say a lot about the energy efficiency, and therefore the quality, of your new windows. In this handy guide, we help you to choose the best U-value for your windows.

House with Timber Windows

3. Does the Golden Ratio really make a building more beautiful?

A formula dating back to 300BC, it is said to be the root of all beauty in nature, art and architecture. But is there truth to these tales, or can we reside them to history? In this post, we explain the Golden Ratio and where it can be found in architecture.

4. Does a roof lantern need planning permission?

We’re all drawn to the architectural beauty and natural light that comes with a magnificent roof lantern. But can planning permission scupper those dreams? We run through some of the most common scenarios to determine when you may, and may not, need planning permission.

5. What are Bi-Folding Doors?

What are Bi-folding doors, how do they work, and are they the right option for me? We take a look at bi-folding doors in greater detail so that you can’t decide if they are the right choice for you and your home.

6. How may planning law affect new windows and doors?

In this blog post we spoke to Chris Salmon, Director of Quittance Legal Services, to learn more about planning laws and what you need to consider when buying new windows and doors.

7. What is a boot room? (and why you need one)

Many of our clients have, want, or are building a boot from within their homes. We explain what exactly is a boot room, and explore some of the ways in which you may use one.

8. Interview with Stephanie Rogers of SJS Interiors

Learn more about the exceptionally talented, Essex-based, interior designer who chose Westbury doors and windows for her new-build family home project.

Westbury Roof Lantern

9. What is the difference between a roof lantern and skylight?

If you’re looking to add an abundance of natural light into your home, look no further than a roof lantern or skylight. We explore the key differences between the two and our top 3 recommendations when it comes to making the right choice for your home.

cleaning timber windows

10. 5 Steps to Clean Timber Windows and Doors

Marks on your glazing can really let a room down, making it look and feel untidy and unwelcome. But immaculate rooms deserve beautifully clear views. This is why we have created a simple 5-step guide to cleaning your windows.