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Casement Windows for a period property renovation

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Originally this period Arts and Crafts style house in Essex was used as a country B&B, with the original interiors, broken up into individual guest rooms and the layout suited to accommodation requirements. Recently purchased by a new owner, the property underwent an extensive refurbishment to turn back time and restore it to its former status as a striking family home.

As part of the renovation project, new windows were required throughout. With a range of different window frame sizes, including two dormer windows on the roof level and two smaller sized windows in the stairwell at the front of the house, it was clear that bespoke made-to-measure products were the best option.

Across the whole building, we replaced the existing windows with new, modern-performing Casement windows made from Accoya timber – a sustainable, premium grade material that will provide the property with an elegant, detailed style. Manufactured using a combination of laminated modified Accoya® and European sourced timber including European Redwood, our windows are knot-free and bonded to provide superior quality, strength, and stability that solid wood cannot come close to matching.

As the property features a charming brick design that adds detail and interest to the overall aesthetic, most of the windows have a 6-pane design that helps to complement the natural patterns created by the bricks, however, the smaller windows were more suited to a 4-pane design due to their size.

Our Casement windows are set back from the external frame face, which works well with this project as it helps to create depth and shadow as well as providing improved protection from weathering. With a multi-point locking system, they all offer excellent security – giving the new homeowner peace of mind that his newly renovated house is well protected. All joinery has been painted in a classic Westbury White, which contrasts nicely with the red brick.

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Casement Windows for a Period Property Renovation