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Eyebrow window and other bespoke features for sturdy new-build

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When a couple from Essex brought what was then a rundown and uninspiring property, they immediately set about demolishing it to build a new, unique home in its place.

Embarking on an exciting new-build project for the first time, our clients wanted to create a modern home that would stand out for its quality and durability. They started from scratch, completely ripping the previous building down to make way for something that reflected their tastes and values. While many developers will always aim to keep costs low, our clients were keen to build a sturdy, robust family home that would effortlessly stand the test of time. Having small children themselves, they understood the importance of choosing durable materials to withstand the daily knocks and bumps that a young family entails.

The clients state that it was the quality of the product that made them choose Westbury. They came to visit our bespoke joinery workshop in Essex and met with Sales Manager Rob Owens. In fact, it was their first day out with their new baby, and they claimed to be very impressed with their tour.

Feeling reassured that their doors and windows would have the longevity they were looking for, they decided to proceed with their quotation for an entrance door, traditional casement windows, an eyebrow window and other bespoke products.


The new house has modern comforts, statement features and a unique style, which is much more contemporary in feel. We fitted high-performing Casement Windows around the front of the house. Crafted by our joinery specialists, they are made of Accoya modified timber – a sustainable, premium grade material that is carbon neutral throughout its entire lifecycle. Manufactured using a combination of laminated modified Accoya® and European sourced timber, including European Redwood, our windows are knot-free and bonded to provide superior quality, strength, and stability that solid wood cannot come close to matching.

The clients opted for aluminium windows at the rear, as they wanted to replicate the look of crittal windows that would complement the prominent gables planned for the master bedroom at the back of the house.

From the very beginning, the clients wanted to create an impressive hallway and staircase with a large glazed window, which would take centre stage at the front of the house. They collaborated with their architect, carefully considering how the light might stream down into the entrance hallway.

To realise this vision, we fitted a bespoke frame and a direct glazed screen (glazed directly into the frame, rather than doing it before installation – meaning that there is less timber to obstruct the sightlines) into two structural Oak posts. Considering the gable’s generous size on the left, the glazed screen is perfectly sized and proportional to the entire roof shape.

The sitting room’s angled bay window is also a generous size, bringing in plenty of natural light. We used clear glass, which doesn’t obscure the lower section’s view, with a six-pane design at the top for traditional detailing and interest.

A direct glazed diamond window on the top floor reflects the unique pitched angles of the roof. Porthole or bullseye windows are more frequently used but wouldn’t suit the property’s unique architecture and tends to carry a nautical style, which wouldn’t look right in this case.

In addition to the windows, we also designed and fitted a bespoke entrance door featuring an insulating Tricoya™ panel with decorative moulding. Matching sidelights with obscure glazing on either side of the door allows for privacy but still brings in the sunlight.

Above the garage, to the property’s side, an eyebrow window spans across three rooms; one bedroom and two en-suite bathrooms. The eyebrow window required precise measurements as the internal stud walls that separated the rooms had to match the panes of glass perfectly. Every pane opens and has its own curved design to create the ‘eyebrow’ shape when put together.

Painted in Westbury White, the joinery was sprayed with three coats of microporous paint from Teknos, ensuring a durable and high-quality finish for years to come that won’t need repainting for 12 years or more.

The client was delighted with the final look. A few years later, they had an issue with one of the glazing bars and were impressed when we sent our specialists over to rectify the damage straight away. They were so impressed with the overall quality and level of aftercare they received from Westbury. They have since recommended us to many of their acquaintances.

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Westbury Windows & Joinery Eyebrow window and other bespoke features for sturdy new-build