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Restoring Elegance: Transforming Arts and Crafts Home with New Windows and Doors

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The Arts and Crafts movement, which flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, emphasised craftsmanship and aesthetics in architecture and design. One notable example of this architectural style is this charming Arts and Crafts style property in the heart of a lavish neighbourhood in Kent. This case study explores the transformation of this property through the replacement of outdated uPVC windows and doors with new, period-appropriate replacements that enhanced the property’s character and energy efficiency.

The property, with Tudor beams and its modern take on an Edwardian style featured old and inefficient leaded casement windows and a 6 over 0 glazing bar design in the bay windows. Recognising the need for a comprehensive refurbishment, the homeowners decided to embark on a project to replace all the windows and doors whilst also improving their energy efficiency.

Goals and Objectives

1.Restore the property’s Arts and Crafts style aesthetic by replacing the uPVC windows and doors with period-appropriate wooden counterparts.

2. Improve energy efficiency by selecting high-quality, double-glazed windows and doors with modern insulation features.

3. Ensure all work is kept within building regulations regarding security, ventilation and escape especially when changing window designs from casement to sashes on front elevation.

4. Enhance the overall curb appeal and market value of the property.

Design and Planning

The project began with a thorough assessment of the property’s existing windows and doors. Detailed measurements were taken to ensure that the replacements would be a perfect fit for each opening.

The client was keen to incorporate Sash Windows to the front elevation. These windows had to be lowered to be tall enough to meet escape regulations. At the rear, we specified casement window bays, a stunning glazed atrium and unique angled feature windows to the second floor.

Front Door Design

The initial design for the new font door was provided by the client’s architect, which our team put a ‘Westbury Spin’ on. The front door is unique and has a margin-type leaded design with clear glass and satin obscure in the small margin squares. It also has a large round leaded design in the centre of the glazed door itself making a great viewing pane to let light into the entrance hall. The door was finished in 3 coats, spray applied of our own shade Westbury Black and paired with with satin nickel ironmongery to give a contemporary feel.

Special Features

The spectacular glazed atrium was specially designed for this property and is a truly unique feature. It was designed not only as an architectural showpiece but also to allow maximum light into the hallway below. Another personalised feature of this project is the angled casements to the second floor which were designed to mirror the angle of the eaves and the leaded bar design on the entrance door and garage door.

Materials Selection

The homeowners opted for Accoya timber windows to provide a classic style, with a traditional appearance but with modern-day performance and energy efficiency. The windows were finished in 3 coats of spray-applied Teknos paint in Westbury White. This gives a highly durable finish with a paint life of 12 years or more before the need to re-paint.

The entrance door, garage door, single side & garage access doors were all finished in Westbury Black for contrast. The traditional British ironmongery is all satin nickel/satin stainless-steel finishes throughout the property.

The glass for all glazing was our standard Low-E coatings, some glass was laminated due to glass sizes and for security across the whole ground floor (6/16/6.8mm what we call our Sound & Secure).

Project Goals Achieved

Aesthetic Restoration: The property’s Arts and Crafts character was authentically restored, with the new windows and doors blending seamlessly into the overall design. The intricate glazed elements became focal points of the property’s exterior.

Energy Efficiency: The high-quality double-glazed windows and doors significantly improved the property’s insulation, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills for the homeowners.

Curb Appeal: The transformation was met with incredible appreciation from the client, enhancing the overall appeal of the home and their family living space.

The restoration of this Arts and Crafts style property through the replacement of uPVC windows and doors with period-appropriate wooden ones showcases the power of architectural authenticity and thoughtful design. By preserving the property’s historical charm while improving its energy efficiency, the owners successfully transformed it into a harmonious blend of past and present, demonstrating the enduring appeal of the architectural style. This project is an inspiring example of how strategic refurbishment can breathe new life into older properties while honouring their rich heritage.

  • Our windows look fabulous! We are always happy to show the windows and doors to any clients that want to see them.

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Westbury Joinery Case Study : Restoring Elegance