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Beautiful property with Spring Balanced Sash Windows and Shaped French Windows

Westbury’s own take on Window Design

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As one of the very first new product projects we did, we actually revised the architect’s initial drawings with our own take on the fenestration design to get this looking as good as possible. When Westbury presented the new design to the client in the form of hand-drawn pencil sketches, the client was taken aback at the new design concept and even the presentation of the idea.

Westbury then worked closely with window expert, John Mumford, to fenestrate the windows and to provide the client with the resulting window dimensions. The building drawings and apertures were then built to suit the newly fenestrated design by Westbury. The design incorporates spring balanced sash windows, casements to the rear, shaped French windows to dormers and a casement window feature bay to the rear along with French door & wing light sets.

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