Wood French Doors

French Doors can add charm
and character to a home

Our timber French doors can be tailored to suit your design requirements by using a variety of glazing bars and panel styles. Westbury bespoke French doors incorporate full-height glass or beautifully detailed panels, with a number of glazing bar options. Our range of inward and outward-opening French doors has been developed for security, performance and long life.

As with all Westbury doors, our French doors are independently tested to ensure they provide maximum security and thermal performance. The hind door (also termed the ‘slave leaf‘) has concealed top and bottom bolts both operated by a single discreet lever at waist level within the door thickness. The main door, or master leaf, of the French door is fitted with a multi-locking system, providing excellent security and peace of mind.

All of our French doors are fitted with British pre-hung projection hinges, which enable the doors to open right back, as well as top-quality British ironmongery.