Weather Performance

Frosty day with garden room in background

Independently tested to current British and European Standards

Westbury products are independently tested by a third party UKAS accredited test centre to current British and European Standards. Windows and doors are tested in accordance with BS 6375 Part 1: 2009 “Performance of Windows & Doors, Classification and Guidance for Weather Tightness”

Westbury Weather Gasket
Casement windows and doors feature continuous double layers of weather seals in high performance TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material. This is a superior “soft close” seal combining optimal sealing and insulation with a comfortable closing pressure. Sliding sash windows feature silicone stop seals and brushed seals to enhance sliding performance.

The following summarises the results of testing carried out to classification standard listed.

Air Permeability to BS EN 1026 : 2000 BS EN 12207:2000
Water Tightness to BS EN 1027 : 2000 BS EN 12208:2000
Wind Resistance to BS EN 12211 : 2000 BS EN 12210:2000